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Hello mr. Dermatoligical man!

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Well , i have been getting acne for about 2 years ,it neva eva bothered me...wel last year near october i started breaking out heavily and m red marks didnt heal so fast anymore(i thnk it was because i used a stupid spot treament all ova m face).but anyway m acne is nw hugely under control .i get about 4 pimples a week wich i funny compared to the 7 i wud get last year daily.bt im left with a TON of red marks wich makes me my acne look alot worse.anyway im g0ing to the derm on thursday and im scared hel recomend accutane plus i cant realy talk abt m skin 2 any1 .I get so embaressed..anybody with advice or a similar prob?

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Why are you scared that he'll recommend Accutane? That is honestly the only solution to acne (that's my opinion).

Also, you shouldn't be scared to talk about your skin with the derm. It is their job to help and they're seeing cases like you daily. They're used to it and are not going to personally judge you on your skin problem.

Been to the derm tens of times and it really isn't a big deal.

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Your derm is a professional that probably went to school for multiple years and has seen over 1,000s of people. Little old you will be nothing new to him/her. I'm sure he/she has seen and o heard it all. And I'm sure they will have no problem talking to you or listening. It's their job!!! I too am embarrassed of talking about acne. It's a sensitive topic. But they are dermatologist. Thats what they do ya know. I promise you......I was just like you......I would go there....get my prescription and leave.....until one time I asked a question. And that question led to another, And that led to a comment which led to an answer and then another question and so on. You get the point. Once to break the ice with something it just keeps flowing. I promise.

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