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Post-laser acne treatment regimens


I am interested for those who have had successful laser acne treatments, what type of post-op acne regimens are you on?

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I guess no one who is reading this has successfully completed 3-4 sessions of laser acne treatment. Anyways, I completed my 2nd sessions today, and I decided to ask the Doctor myself.

Paraphrasing my doctor:

Immediately following my laser acne sessions, I am to continue my current regimen. (Specifically, I am on minocycline, retin-a, and sodium sulfacetamide.) After all four sessions, it is highly recommended I continue that regimen. Acne is an ongoing battle, and everything can help. However, at my regular dermatologist's discretion, I can stop taking the oral antibiotics, but should definitely not stop using the face wash or retin-a.

Anyways, I found this to be a bit alarming. I know how clear my face will get from minocycline (I've been on it before). Just how much clearer will the laser acne treatment make my face than if I was to just use minocycline alone. Anyways, I have 2-3 more months before I'll see any true results from the laser acne treatments, so guess I'll have to wait and see.

Still, this question is left open:

*Anyone who has completed a laser acne treatment, what type of post-laser acne treatment regimen are you on?*

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Hey there!

So happy to find someone on here that has done the laser/light therapy! Sorry its been over a month to respond -- just saw your post.

I have done 2 sessions of laser treatments consisting of 5 total treatments in each session. My first treatment was in spring 2008 -- a few months after my treatment 4-6 month, i became completley clear besides the "occasional" zit or two from periods, etc. I was clear for nearly a year!

I started breaking out again and just underwent a new light therapy treatment called YAG laser. It is suppose to work, again in 4-6 months, I am at the 3 month mark so ill have to update later. But I am just starting to use Atralin gel as well on my chin area (only). AS that is where all my acne is. None on my cheeks, no forehead.

My first treatment in 2008 i did a combination of YAG and VBEAM.

This time I just did a new YAG treatment which will re formulate your collagen and sebum (oil glands) and they will be less producing. I dont really sweat on my face anymore! But my face is pretty sensitive and dry.

How was your treatment?

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Ah great! Thanks for the information. What type of acne regimen were you? You mentioned that you are using Atralin gel, but did you use anything else after any of your other sessions?

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