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Name: Torbosk

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Location: Belgium, Europe

Hi, i've had acne for a long time and i'm still struggling a bit with it. Lately i've learned so much about my skin and about acne. I've used a lot of different products, but i think that i'm getting close to finding something that will clear me. Some parts of my face are now 95% clear. One area still has some whiteheads: around my mouth, but i hope those will disappear too.

I've done dan's regimen, but it didnt work for me. I didn't try his bp gel, but i used another 5% bp cream. Maybe that was the reason, but i dont think so. I had moderate acne, but it was all over my face. So it took a long time to apply bp. Benzoylperoxide also damages your cells and it uses up our body's anti-oxidants, like vitamin E (i will talk about this later). I never got completely clear while on bp, and my skin looked bad (red, itchy, sometimes flaky).

This is what i do now:

I apply Apple cider vinegar (ACV, but white vinegar is ok too) on my face and neck till it's completely wet. I let it dry. It stinks a bit, but it's quite acidic, so it kills a lot of bacteria, and makes your skin an unfriendly breeding ground. It also contains AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) which exfoliate your skin. They can loosen sebum plugs and promote new cell growth. A lot of skin products contain AHA's or BHA's (beta hydroxy acids like salicyl acid, SA). Some say SA is even better to remove clogged pores, but i think it does more damage to your skin too. Anyway i use ACV because it's natural and very cheap. Some people are a bit sensitive to ACV, you can start by dilluting it with water (1:2 or 1:3) and working your way up to undilluted.

When my face is dry again i apply Tea tree oil (TTO). This kills bacteria, most of the P. acnes bacteria are killed. It also dries out your skin a bit. Some say that manuka oil is even stronger. It's also more expensive and harder to find. You can chose between both. I use TTO 100 pct. I do it drips on my finger and then apply it to my face. Its kinda strong so don't overdo it. It penetrates the skin quite well. A study says that it doesnt work as well as bp in the short term, but it works even better in the long term. Perhaps this is because it doesnt damage your skin so much.

After that i apply Aloe vera gel. I use a gel which contains 98% aloe vera, but if you can find a 99%, or use it straight from the plant, it's much better. I like it very much because it calms your skin. It has a nice "cool" feeling. It penetrates your skin very good so the TTO gets absorped even better. It moisturises your skin (no more of those other expensive moisturizers, i hate them), brings in vitamins and other elements, helps healing (red spots!!! but don't expect anything spectacular), it helps your skin cells and promotes collagen growth, the binding tissue between cells, and most important: it helps against inflammation. I think inflammation is one of the most important things we have to battle.

Supplements i take:

-1 tablet of zinc (15 mg=100%), b6 (300%), vit A(100%)

-2 capsules of fish oils (509 mg, 12%DHE, 18 %EPA)

-1 tablet zinc (100%),Se(100%), vit C (200%), vit E (100%)

-1 capsule vit E 200 IU

- i drink green tea a lot and eat a lot of apples

I'm not a big fan of supplements, but i found a store where they are really cheap and maybe they are needed. I don't take multivitamins, there is too much stuff in it, it's ineffective. All this stuff is against inflammation.

It all works togheter: sebum glands working overtime, skin cells shedding too rapidly, p. acnes gets in our pores our defense system sends A LOT of white blood cells to fight it, but it doesnt seem to work very well, meantime our sebum glands keep producing more sebum creating an ideal ground for more bacteria.

I think all of this is linked to each other. Our body has a wrong reaction against things in our body.

Testosteron makes our sebum glands produce more oil. Thats the reason why a lot of teens get acne. But i think insulin and insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) are equally important. That can be an explanation why even a lot of girls get acne. When we eat a lot of sugar our blood sugar spikes. Our body produces insulin and IGF-1 so our cells would absorb the glucose better. Both insulin and IGF-1 (which we also find in milk) stimulate the sebum glands. It also stimulates the liver to make Archedonic acid (AA). When this is broken down you get PEG-2's which is really bad for inflammation. It also makes that our sebum contains more Palmitic acid (PA -> high amounts in chocolate), which is ideal for p.acnes. This palmitic acid attracts more triglycerides. (Maybe this is the reason why so many of us have oily skin.) AA also promotes gall stone formation and plaques in our vanes. (Link to Liver flushing??)

vit E: anti-oxidant, needed against the oxidation of fats, which acne-sufferers get a lot, it's also used to fight infections and inflammation in general, it's fat-soluble

Fish oil: contains omega-3 fatty acids, it lowers trygliceride levels in blood, contains EPA and DHA. It's needed to fight infections and it is used in cells in general. Historically we consumed equal amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, but now we get very low amounts of omega-3 and high amounts of omega-6.

vit C: anti-oxidant, can be used to recycle vit E, stimulates white blood cells

zinc/selenium: can be used to repair cells, a lot of people use it against acne. I think the two work togheter. Zinc supplementation can lead to copper depletion. Don't take obscene amounts (like 100 mg).

vit A: good for skin

Apples contain caffeic acid, which inhibits 5-lipoxygenase , and enzym which breaks down Archedonic acid and stimulates inflammation. They also contain quercetin , a powerful anti-oxidant. Also fibers, vitamins,....

Maybe this is the reason why the 3-day-apple-diet works for some people, i wouldnt try it though, seems unhealthy. Green tea contains flavenoids and other substances which are good for you, i'm not going deeper into this one...

As you can see, i've done a bit of research, but this is only like 10 % what i've learned. I think it's a decent summary. I'm not sure if it's all 100% correct, but i think it is. I've learned most from this topic, this guy has done an extreme amount of research and quotes it:


My diet: i try to avoid things containing a lot of fat (like french fries), a lot of sugar (like soda's, potatoes). I also avoid dairy products. That stuff contains pesticides, hormones, lactose,... It stimulates mucus formation. I used to have a lot of mucus in my throath which i could cough up. It was like a yellow, green slime. Since i stopped dairy i didnt have this any more.

One thing i can say for certain: sugar bombs cause breakouts. One time i got pretty clear, then i drank a lot of soda, ate sugar, cookies,.... Two days later my skin was horrible. Now i just eat fruit, apples, or these "innocent" cookies. Sometimes i sin, but small amounts arent bad.

Overall my acne has improved by 80 %.

My cheeks an nose are now 95% clear. Some small imperfections here and there. The area around my mouth (especially my chin) still has some whiteheads, but i hope that gets better. My neck has some red spots, but no real active acne. My forehead is 90 pct clear. One red spot from a whitehead two days ago.

Other tips: don't touch your face, ever

try to sleep on your back to avoid irritation

don't wash too much, or put too much stuff on your face, irritation leads to acne

1-2 times a day is enough.

dont worry about your face too much, only think about it when you are doing your routine in the evening or morning

If you have any comments, links to stuff i use, suggestions, questions, ... Please don't hesitate. I'll post again in a couple of days to tell how things are evolving.

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Not much people responding. I see that i made it a bit too long. Sorry, just wanted to explain everything.

It has been a couple of days and i'm seeing a little bit of improvement. I just have to avoid picking, pushing,...

Then it will be allright i think.

My neck is clearing up nicely. No new spots, a couple of red spots fading quickly. Cheeks are 95 % clear. I only notice some clogged pores. Well not sure about that. You only see it from like 10 cm away. But i can live with that.

Forehead is ok. Remains 90 % clear. On the nose i see some blackheads, but i can live with that. Mouth area has improved a bit. It looks better, less red. 1 noticable whitehead and 10 little spots. Not really zits, but they are evolving really slow.

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Hello Torbosk,

That's a very thorough write up you posted about your regimen. If it works, there are probably quite a few other people who might be interested (mostly the people who can not use BP). How long have you been using it? You never mentioned the time frame. What do you wash your skin with?

I have my own regimen, but before I started it, I tried tea tree oil. My cleanser contains some tea tree oil, and I liked it so much, I went out and bought straight tea tree oil which I thought might work even better. I diluted the tea tree oil in water, and later also tried it straight (undiluted). At first I saw improvement, but then around 4 weeks had wickedly bad breakouts. My face also became severely red and seemed burnt. Do be careful with the straight tea tree oil. I abandoned the oil, but kept my cleanser (that contains a smaller amount of tea tree oil).

The study you mentioned about TTO (tea tree oil) was done with 5% strength TTO, not straight application.

Good luck with your regimen. I hope it is the 100% solution for you smile.gif

-Better Days

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Thx, well, i had that burning once too. My skin was red and flaky around my chin. But i just stopped with everything for a day or two and things got normal again.

I'll try to give you an idea about the time frame. It's quite hard because i'm constantly learning and changing things.

I've had acne since i was 12-13 i guess. Probably hormonal issues, but i picked a lot too, so that was defenitly a factor too. First i got it around my nose a lot and on my chin. Things got worse, my forehead was soon covered too. My neck, cheeks followed too. My back and chest also had to suffer. I would describe it as moderate acne. No cystic acne or really big zits (well, sometimes a big whitehead), but just a lot of red bumps which turn quickly into whiteheads. The urge to squeeze/pop was too big, and somtimes i spent half an hour in the morning and one hour in the evening in front of the mirror. Luckely i can controll that now. Looking back my sugar intake was way too large. Not the total sugar intake, but the sugar bombs. For example: when i came home i drink like one liter of orange juice, eat a banana, some cookies. Kaboom. One hour later i eat 5-6 slices of bread with yam and choco. These "bombs" lead to massive insulin leads to sebum production and other bad reactions. This was certainly a big factor.

Things remained pretty much the same till i was 18. I tried several things: a bp cream, differin, minocyclin (antibiotics), pure alcohol on my face. Nothing seemed to work. Strangely i always thought "in six months or so this will all be over".

Sometimes my acne made me deeply unhappy, but we all know that feeling, so i wont complain about that.

Then, i realised that something had to be done. I searched the internet, found Dan's site and followed his regimen. I hated it. It made me very oily, and i thought people could see the bp cream on my face. I was also afraid that my face would glow up at parties because of the bp cream (this happens because of the blacklight). I still got breakouts and red spots were worse that ever (because of skin damage that bp gives i think). I added vinegar to my regimen (saw it on a jc-maya conversation), and i liked it. I stopped the regimen after 4 months and I started experimenting with other things. I bought a Salicyl acid gel. This was nice, but didnt clear me up totally. I bought zinc because of all the good things i read about it. I also drank a lot of lemon juice and ate raw garlic (don't think this did much, unless i smelled like garlic, stopped it after 3 weeks or so). I have been on zinc 50 days now i think. I don't think it does that much. I take it just to be safe. You never know. During some months(2-3) i did a lot of things through each other.

I stopped dairy too, 2 or 3 months ago. I've stopped bp now for 8-9 days i guess. Since then i've been doing my personal regimen as described. I'm happy with the results, if i see another 10-20% improvement (on chin) i call it a succes.

I know it isnt an exact scheme, my face had improved quite a bit already before i started this. I guess it was allready 50 % better than one year ago. And on like 10 days i cleared up 20-30%. Which is great, i hope i can keep clear neck and cheeks.

Man, i should really learn to be more concise. tongue.gif . Hope you didnt fall asleep while reading. Cya

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