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I like this guy in school yet I do not have the courage to talk to him. Its mainly because im really shy and because I have moderately severe acne. I feel like he might think that I'm unattractive or he might not like me even as a friend. I really want to talk to him. I also belive that he liked me at the beginning of the school year, but not any more. Do you think I should talk to him? How should i go about this? By the way he has sat near me in class since the beginning of the school year and ive barely talked to him, Do you think he thinks that im just shy or that im rude or something? Acne sucks!

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A few eeks back some kid posted a thread that he was tired of everyone looking at his acne. he said this........."I absolutely hate it. When I walk in the halls or the stairway in my school, most girls I pass are looking at me. Obviously it's because of my moderate acne and each passing period is just horrible, I feel like a total outcast.

Anyone else in the same boat?"

My reply:

Dude, I been there. Shit....I'm still there. Until things get better the only thing I can tell you to do is be a good actor bro. Act like that shit doesn't bother you even though its killing you inside, ya know. You gotta show that you're comfortable with yourself (even though your not). I know when you walk down the halls all thats going through your mind is "everyone is looking at my face." Thats exactly what I think. Seriously. And ya know what??? They probably are. I would. You know when you see someone with acne you probably look too....

OK. so now that we have established that....Now you need to get over it. Ok, everyone is probably looking at your acne. You know it and they know it. You're trying to get rid of it. But in the mean time....Fuck it!! Hold your fucking head up and fuck em, bro. So when you walk down the halls they dont say "look at his acne" they say "look how confident this dude looks" and on top of that "looks how confident this dude looks...with acne." You need to pretend like you don't give a shit. Like you dont have acne. When deep down you do care and that's all you think about.

I do it al the time. I approach a group. In my mind I'm thinking of the five red marks on my cheek, the redness on my chin and my greasy ass forehead. But when I approach, my head is up and I'm like "what"!!!! Confident as fuck. Like I aint got shit wrong with me. Cuz really I'm fucking cool as hell. And I'm sure you got mad qualities too. If people aint gonna give you the chance to show them how cool you are or what qualities you bring to the table then its THEIR loss. If a girl aint gonna date you cuz you got acne then fuck her. Theres like a billion people in tis world bro. AAnd being confiednt gets me through that moment and gets me thorugh the day and it helps with self esteem and shit. And after so long of pretending to not give a fuck, and [retending to be confiednt and shit, it kind of wears on you and you actually, really, seriously, become that way. And things get better. Keep fighting acne and shit will get better. Life will get better. There are always postisive things to look at. i can type forever dude.

Keep in touch man. Add me to your friedn list and follow my blog.


This can apply to you as well

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