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So I'm curious, does The Regimen work for Oily skin? I saw that most of the products are designed for normal/dry skin, and I assume that's because BP tends to dry out your skin overtime. But what about when you are first starting out?

I am on Day 2 of 10mg/day of Accutane (my third course) and I am having second thoughts because of all the possible side effects. I feel like I haven't truly exhausted every other option (like The Regimen).

Currently I use Clinique Skin Care 3 and occasional masks, but my backne and chestne is HORRENDOUS lately.

TIA for any comments!

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I have oily skin and have been on Dan's regimen for just over a week now and everything has happened thats excepted(dry skin, burning), but its working well. I have mild acne which is about 80% clear already...have scars though :(

I say you should give it a shot. I think it works for all skin types.

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The Regimen will not slow down your oils glands, if that is what you are asking about. Your oil glands are controlled by your hormones, and bp does not affect this at all.

Yes, it does cause skin dryness. But skin dryness and oilyness are two different things. Dryness has to do with the amount of water within the skin cells. Oilyness has to do with the oil that your oil glands put forth onto the surface of the skin. A person can have oily skin but be dry and flaky at the same time.

Prescriptions sich as Accutane and the retinoids such as Tazorac can slow down the oil glands, and some hormonal treatments as well.

Here's Dan's tips for dealing with oily skin while on the Regimen. http://www.acne.org/faq.html#oily

Also, some people feel that jojoba oil may result in less oil on the skin, but this hasn't been my experience with it.

Hope that helps!

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Thank Matt & Brandy! I was concerned that it would make my skin oilier since I feel like a grease ball most of the time.

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