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I think I can explain most of my acne, except for one part. Help?

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I know that the acne on my upper back happens if I wear certain shirts that will continuously "scratch" my back, or if I wear the same tank top without washing it, etc. Usually fairly easy to avoid. If I get tanned it seems like it helps a lot too, at least it did when I used to get tanned.

For my nose, it is if I touch it, or if I wear my glasses. The glasses must be always washed otherwise it can leave a pimple and then it makes it worst if I put the glasses on when I have a pimple. On the nose itself, it gets very oily, so if I scrub it with a paper sheet or touch it it seems like it pushes the oil back it, causing pimples.

My cheeks and jaw line has been much better since I changed razor blade.

So the only place I can't explain is the part around my mouth, usually on each upper sides and below the lower lip, just above the chin, on the sides. It is precisely where I have no facial hair or very little.

I'm guessing this is hormonal? All my acne is probably hormonal, but I feel like I can keep the rest under control. That part on the other hand I have no idea what to do. I don't even touch it.

Really getting on my nerve since I have no more pimples where there is facial hair, but the rest is always there:(

I'm male, 27 yo by the way.

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cheer up man!! Your acne doesn't represent true you :)

First of all, go to my profile, and click on Gallery, there you will see a pic of Chinese idea of why we get where we get it. Click on pic to enlarge it.

Also, acne on my back 100%, yes, 100% related to dairy consumption. If you consume dairy, cut it out, and see if your back clears.

Good luck friend!

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I don't consume dairy at all. I don't digest milk properly. Yogurt is fine, but I don't eat it anymore either because I prefer to be safe than sorry.

I see no pics in your gallery btw.

I'm trying to get this acne crap under control before my trip. Right now all I can think of is more sleep. If my acne subsides I'll take the courage to go back to the tanning salon, I was completely clear a few years ago, for a year, when I was going regularly (and I was getting more sleep too at that time).

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