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How to stop pimple weeping after removing white pus?

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After I leave a pimple to form a whitehead, I follow the correct steps to remove the pus.

Afterwards, clear fluid continues to ooze out for a long time.

Should I use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol / surgical spirit to instantly dry up the area?


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I have never personally tried applying hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. In my opinion, I think they could do more harm and cause further irritation. I'd think the alcohol would burn like hell!!!!!!! A lot of times, I just take a kleenex and apply light pressure to the area. I don't know if this is good or not, but it helps to stop the clear fluid from continuing to ooze. It's kind of like applying pressure to a cut that keeps bleeding. A lof of people on here have suggested using neosporin cream after they pop a pimple, which helps prevent any further infection. I know this won't stop the oozing, but it would prevent more bacterial infection. I might have to try the ice trick sometime!

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I usually put some antiseptic cream on the wound and then stick a bit of tissue paper over the top. You can peel it off later when it's dried. Obviously, you can only really do this when you're at home. I wouldn't try it at work otherwise you'll get some odd looks!

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best thing to do (i constantly get pustles, all my pimples turn into them due to high stress levels), is to get a lemon chop it up into small slices. when you remove the puss you will kind of have an open wound almost, put a little piece of lemon over it, hold it for 10 mins or so. it may sting a little but its tolerable. what the lemon does is close up the hole, and removes the ability to create a scar. i do this everytime and scar causing acne like this will not leave a scar. the lemon has some healing and anti scar properties and this is the best thing to do. trust me on this, when you wake up the next day you will have a healed cut that has sealed up with a hard little bit that falls off in a few days, but it is not unsightly

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Hmmm the lemon technique sounds interesting, but how long do lemons last after you buy them? Hate to be like "damn, now i gotta go get a lemon real quick at the store lol."

I have always just got tissue paper and held it there over the wound for at least 10min. Usually it will dry to the tissue and the tissue will become stuck to the wound. After i carefully remove it, i will apply another tissue with slight pressure another 10min or so because after you break of the first one, it will usually for me start to ooze once again slightly from where i broke the tissue off. So by the 2nd go around it will not stick and im usually good to go.

Gah all that ooze is just fn annoying thou isnt it? Then again acne in itself of course is a fn nightmare, you think our skin would have better ways in dealing with bacteria then flaming up into a big red puss ball for all to see.

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I use to use salt. But that takes too long, even tissue.

Now, I just use a lancet thing or whatever that diabetics use and I just pierce a hole into the white pus(white head) I see and then I let it come out or I just slightly squeeze it out by applying little pressure around it and it flows out. 2 q-tips might be better doing that, but I just use my fingers since I'd be showering anyways.

Then I shower and come out of shower without noticing anything. Like that clear redish fluid coming, I always called it plasma. haha

I don't notice that at all.

Or when I don't take a shower.

I do like I say and just not take a shower, and I don't really notice it either. But not like it matters. That stuff is suppose to help heal anyways. It's like blood. So you sleep, can clear it off the next day when you take a shower.

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i hold a tissue on it, keep dabbing it whilst rotating the tissue so not to spread the plasma about. then i will apply a dot of germolene, which is antiseptic and what not. it will draw more of the crap out whilst killing germs. then you dab it again with tissue and repeat.

lemon sounds interesting

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I've discovered this recently and it seems to work well.

After squeezing out the pus, 1st take some tissue and dab off some residue. Then take a slab of St Ives Green Tea Cleanser put it directly on the pimple (like you would ben. peroxide) and leave it on for a five minutes - ten minutes or so, it should dry and then wash it off if (you are in the shower (this works the best). You should then be left with a nice dry area.

Good luck.

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Well first, I only will pop a pimple at night just because it would look pretty nasty if I did it in the morning and had to go through the day like that. After I pop it, I just hold a warm, damp cloth to it for awhile. I actually did this last night and stuck Polysporin on it afterwards and slept with it on. It's still red, but at least it's flat and all the stuff is out and easier to cover with concealer.

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