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the only way to eliminate scars

the only way to eliminate scars

as we know the scars is an excess of colagen, it is a different colageno, is not the colagen that we own in the healthy skin

the only way to eliminate the scar is in 2 steps: 1 to eliminate the weave of scar 2: to avoid that one becomes to form scar

1: to eliminate scar weave:

there are many ways to completely eliminate the weave of scar, CO2 laser, peeling deep, revision of scar,etc

the problem is that all these technical ones only eliminate the scar, but do not avoid that scar returns to form, although the doctors say that they only improve the scars to want to sell.

the laser, the application of cells mothers, etc would not avoid that scar returns to form.

the only way of which scar does not form is eliminating the healing process, towards we go there

2: to avoid that scar forms: -----after eliminating the scar weave, with revision or laser CO2-------

we must take care of which the body does not form as much scar

this it is the problem that not yet is solved. juvista this trying it but only I see mediocre results. other people say that the key is a ECM acelullar, another speech of decorin.

one knows that decorin 200nm is the beginning of something necessary to avoid scar, but also necessary serious a perfect scaffold. + tgf3 , - tgf1 also helps

but the important thing is to manipulate the genes like wnt.

renovo has a drug precandidate with the therapy wnt, I suppose we will see that it in pharmacies for… the mmm 2080? when all we are already dead…

therapy with decorin not yet is nothing only a patent

conclusion: we are fu..k

I have seen in this forum people dealing itself with laser or cells mothers, the results as they are seen in those photos are mediocre, are just as to be applied peeling deep

Dr kan, Dr pikard, sells lies

laser, cells mother, peelings. copper peptides, dermarollers, recell. they do not serve for anything

the great swindles today are to dermaroller, laser, recell, cells mother, and copper peptides.

we need drugs that add tgf3, inhibit tgf1 and have minimal decorin in 200nm, so far is what there is.

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