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Hi everyone! I've had a real hard time recently trying to choose a moisturizer. I've been using Neutrogenas oil free moisturizer but its just not hydrating enough - especially since I'm on the regimen. SO, after a lot of thought and research I decided to buy Origins Make A Difference Ultra-rich rejuvenating cream. Its free of all the bad synthetic oils (parrafin, petroleum etc) but has quite a few essential oils (almond oil, root oils etc). Its also totally natural. What do you think? Is it gonna make me break out? It's just that all of the other oil free moisturizers just don't moisturize enough.


I'm think I'm going slightly crazy with thinking about skin products. :)

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My friends uses it (that Origins one) and she is REALLY REALLY pleased with it. She has been telling me to try it for a long time now, but I still need to used up 4 jars of other random moisturizers I've got :(

I have actually found pure Aloe Vera gel to be quite a nice moisturizer for myself.

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Having never tried it, I'm going to give you my opinion based solely on its ingredients list and packaging:

Not worth it.

First off, jar packaging is not so great. Any benefits you might get from the beneficial ingredients (of which there aren't that many) in this products are rendered useless, as many antioxidants are unstable in the presence of air. Jar packaging is attractive, but also a haven for germs.

Secondly, many of the "natural" ingredients in this product have at best no benefit for your skin, and at worst are actually irritating. Some of them are: Orange blossom, Salvia Sclarea (Clary), Lemon, Sweet Orange, Spearmint, and Vetiver. The probably harmless but definitely useless ingredients are Rosewood and Mimosa.

Other than that there's really nothing special about it. It's a standard emollient cream loaded up with fragrance and natural ingredients that can actually irritate and sensitize your skin.

There are tons of great natural ingredients out there...pity this didn't add many of them. I really only found one natural ingredient in this product that's actually beneficial for your skin: Dalbergia Nigra (Cultured Rosewood).

And some education: "Natural" means nothing in the world of cosmetics. The term is not regulated. And one glance at the ingredients list of this moisturizer proves that it is not "totally" natural. Many many synthetic ingredients in there. Not that that's a bad thing. Many synthetic ingredients are safe and beneficial. Also, petroleum is "natural," by the way, and unless you are sensitive to it, not bad for your skin. It's known in cosmetics as "petrolatum" or "petroleum jelly" and you can find it in most chapsticks and my go-to moisturizer when I'm super dry: Aquaphor.

Also, since you are on the Regimen, I would definitely look for a moisturizer with SUNSCREEN. Actually, you should have sunscreen in your moisturizer (or use a separate sunscreen) during the day regardless, but the Regimen especially can make sunburns worse.

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Some more from me (sorry for the long-windedness):

If it works for you, then don't listen to anything I said. However, I think there are many better moisturizers out there for much less money.

And when I get home I will give you some other options. (I have a huge book full of reviews)

But for now I can tell you that CeraVe's "Moisturizing Cream" is not only quite affordable, but fantastic for dry skin and highly recommended by many on this board.

Now, it comes in jar packaging, which would seem to be against what I posted earlier. However, this product contains no antioxidants, so provided you keep your hands clean before you use it, it shouldn't pose a problem. It also has no SPF, but as I said, provided you use a separate sunscreen during the day, that's not necessarily a problem.

But if you're interested I can give you more recommendations later. Or not, if you're happy with what you have.

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