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Food Slander Laws - It is illegal to criticize milk or meat in 13 states

Food Slander Laws

It is now illegal to publicly criticize corporate food products under so-called "food disparagement" laws in 13 states. The milk and meat associations are poised to sue anyone who criticizes their products in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan (passed just last week), Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas.

They used these laws to sue Oprah Winfrey when she told the audience that she would not be purchasing any meat because of mad cow disease. After a 3 month battle in court, Oprah won. But she had to PROVE that she that she had made the statement based on a scientific reason. Without scientific reasons, she would have been found guilty of food slander.

These laws have put a chill on small media companies and citizens who are worried about the high cost of defending themselves in a lawsuit. Books publications are also being dropped because authors can be sued.

Some authors cannot find publishers willing to accept books that discuss the dangers of pesticides.

Alec Baldwin, the actor, said he that several television channels (Discovery Channel) could not create a documentary about "The History of Food" because it would discuss pesticides, herbicides and some disputed practices used to raise beef. They didn't want to deal with the lawsuits.

These laws also make it illegal to hand out leaflets or to dump rBGH milk in public (called milk-dumping parties).

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Yeah, some of the laws were passed 10 years ago. But it is summarized in the excellent documentary, "Food, Inc." which I believe everyone on this forum should watch. The film was nominated for several awards.

You can watch the trailer here:

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