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Why is this?

So this may seem as a post in very bad taste however selfishly I feel the need to post it to possibly receive an answer explaining it. Admittedly I have not researched much on acne and fully expect to be put down for it.

However I will go on....

I've had mild to moderate at times acne from the age of 14. I am now 21. For some reason it has never bothered me that much, possibly because I have had a girlfriend since 16 that I like very much. I previously treated my condition with the normal routines such as BP and antibiotics my local doctor would throw at me, however, to no prevail.

Anyway, that is the background information, now for the real stuff.

I went on holiday 5 days ago with my friends to Liverpool in england for one of their 21st. I went with just about much spending money for a good few alcoholic beverages every night and not much more. So I then proceeded to basically drink myself into oblivion from the first day I got there till the day I left (5th day). To my suprisement, I began to notice my skin getting progressively better, and by the day I was leaving, I looked in the mirror and my skin was crystal clear, it has NEVER looked so good. I couldn't believe it.

The routine I followed on this trip was only alcohol, some days going without any food.

The days I did eat, would be only one kebab and a bottle of water.

That is it.

And now 2 days after I have crytal clear skin, the best I have ever had.

So my question is,

is there a reason for this? Is it the absence of food or just a crazy coincidence?

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Wow that is crazy! But a good thing for you! :D Are you from the Liverpool, England area? If not, maybe the location in general helped? Different things in the air, different water? IDK LOL Or, maybe like you said just plain coincidence! Although, I can't seem to think that excessive alcohol intake would treat acne. It is worth a shot though for others! :dance: HAHA OK jk, I'm not recommending people start consuming massive quantities of alcohol to treat their acne. Maybe you suddenly grew out of it? You'll have to keep us posted on what happens, and if you remain clear or not! We hope you do! :)

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Lol! I thought I was the only one. Usually if I drink on the weekend my skin always looks better. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the beer or the fact that I dont't usually care what other people think when I'm drunk so the stress side of things isn't there. Anyway, maybe alcohol is the new acne fighter?

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I'm going with coincidence as well. If there is any connection, my guess would be that it was the low stress of being on vacation, partying with your friends that made the difference.

And its not like you could live on alcohol and no food, even if there was a connection! ;)

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