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I am on day 7 on the regime and I have read "What to expect" so I understand that this redness is to be expected and is normal however it is so severe I feel like people will be able to see my head from miles away, I look like a traffic light.

No matter how bad it gets I'm not quitting I won't let it beat me.

Any advice on how to reduce redness would be greatly appreciated. I also need some reassuring and encouragement, when will my skin retuen to it'ss normal colour?

Also anyone got some amazing before and after pics? I've been searching through the gallery and love looking through people's progression as it gives me hope and keeps me motivated. Thanks x

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I'm going on week 5 and my redness is getting better and sometimes looks more like a blush. I found a helpful tip about two weeks ago on one of the boards about icing pimples and even Dan suggests it one one of the pages -- so what I did was went out and bought one of those small ice packs for lunches and I use that on my whole face at night before applying BP. I find it really helped and still helps reduce redness because icing is bringing down inflammation/swelling -- just like icing a bump on the head. It usually takes about 20-25 minutes (5 minutes for each side of my face, chin, and forehead). I also might ice a pimple a little longer. I wash the icepack with my face cleanser before each use and dry with a clean towel. Seems to help me a lot with redness.

Good luck!

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It's hard and it's frustrating, I know, but seriously - take heart. In a few months, it WILL totally be worth it.

I personally had a lot of trouble controlling redness, no matter how very gentle and gradual I took the regimen, but one thing I did learn to do was to gently apply everything I applied to my face, to my neck also. That way, their wasn't a blatant difference between the skin shades.

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Thank you very much for your quick replys.

TMB - I did something similar with a towel and a bad of frozen peas :D I could really notice a difference and the cold was really soothing. I'm a little worried about it causing broken capillaries as my skin is sensitive to extreme temperature changes so I'm only going to do it when my face is really red but thank you.

ihatemirrors - I'm thnking of buyig the cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer once I find a UK stockist, do you know if it's any good?

Nogivingup - yes I'm starting to apply it to my neck as well soon I'll be putting it all over my body so I match in redness :lol: I'm being extra gentle and applying it very slowly, it takes forever but I'm def not giving up.


I forgot to add that overall the redness is has gone down ALOT I think it was a combination of my skin getting use to and going down in time it as it states in the "what to expect" page and also TMB's advice.

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