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I should put this in cosmetics, but I figure it'll get a faster response here..

I've been using BareMinerals make up for as long as I can remember! I've just recently had a little less income and need a make up that I can buy from the drugstore that still works just as good as bareminerals, without breaking the bank.

Can you ladies recommend your favorite?

I have oily skin, so nothing that will make me shine!.. and only a few zits here and there. Prone to white heads!

Should I try out a dept. store or is there a Revlon or something sold in the drugstore I can buy

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I'm going to move this to the Cosmetics And Style board, since that's where it belongs. I'm sure you'll get responses on it, and if you don't get any for a little while, you can go ahead and bump it back to the front page to make sure people see it. ; )

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Google Everyday Minerals. It has a lot of good reviews, and has a much bigger range of mineral foundation than bareminerals. Their website is everydayminerals.com, I've ordered from them 2x and each time, the products arrived promptly. Just in my last order, they made a mistake and sent me the wrong thing. I emailed them, and they immediately (within an hour) replied back and said they're sending the correct product. The product got shipped out later that day. I've been using "mineral veil" from BareMinerals and thought it was the only product like that on the market- everyday minerals has this thing called "finishing dust" that has the exact consistency and is supposedly the same thing as mineral veil. I know this cus I JUST ordered a sample (for free) and have been using it. Also, their brushes are AMAZING. I'm not a makeup expert, but BM brushes used to shed and felt like it was scratching my skin. EDM's feels literally like velvet. Sorry if I sound like an advertisement (and I just created a new screename to respond to you since I forgot my last one haha), but EDM is definitely a lot cheaper than BM (which in my opinion is overrated). I've been using BM for 4 years now, and trying to make a change.

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