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oxytetracycline vs doxycycine

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I've been on/off doxycycline for about 4 years now and I finally saw a derm yesterday. She said that she doesnt usually prescribe doxy for acne and gave me a prescription for oxytetracycline. I have found doxy to be a lot more effective than oral erythromycin so seeing as oxytetracyline is a tetracycline antibiotic I hope this is effective. Has anyone here used both before? I assume I have built some resistance up to doxy over the years so maybe a change was what I needed. The dosage is a lot larger as well, the doxycycline tablets were only 50mg ones and the oxytetracycline ones are 250mg. The leaflet that came with the oxytetracycline says that they are for severe acne so I dont know if this means they are more powerful than the other antibiotics I have used so far. I may be going on roaccutane in a few months time so I hope these new antibiotics i'm on can keep me fairly clear till then. any comments welcome!

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My doctor gave me Oxytetracycline when i went 2 days ago, my dad is getting me my prescription today, and im gonna start taking them on the weekend. The doctor said it looks like i have Acne Rosacea.

Im not sure what the side effects of these pills will be.

If anyone knows. Please add to the thread, ty

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