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I've suffered with acne for at least 17 years! From pre-adolescence into adulthood. I have tried EVERYTHING on the market with not much luck. Most over the counter products haven't worked for me. I used proactive for a while with good results until I had children. Once my hormones changed proactive stopped working for me. I haven't dabbled with too many prescription products due to a lack of stable insurance and some personal feelings towards pharmaceutical companies.

I found acne.org one night while desperately searching for my next attempt to achieve clear skin once and for all! I checked out Dan's regime and acne.org's products expecting them to be over priced like so may other products I've attempted to try. I was very surprised to find how practical they were and swore I'd give it a try.

I've been on the regime close to a month at this point and so far I'm quite pleased! I've made a few small adjustments to help achieve my desired results. Although my skin is still far from my main goal it has improved miles since starting this regime!

- To date this is what I have found to work best for me morning and night I cleanse 10 to 15 seconds depending on if I have makeup on I tend to cleanse more if I am wearing make up since I want to be sure I've removed it all. If I have in eye make up I use the jojoba oil to remove that pre-wash.

- Once my face is completely dry I use the treatment 2.5% benzoyl peroxide a full fingers worth. I have very oily skin by nature and I have not experienced the over drying that I read about by so many people.

- I skip the moisturizer most of the time, if I notice dry spots then I spot treat with the moisturizer. I notice that I break out more if I moisturize regularly.

- Then... throughout the day every time I'm in the bathroom I spot treat any current blemishes with benzoyl peroxide! I've noticed that by doing this it one clears up any current blemishes quite quickly and two any blemishes I feel coming on it kills before it has a chance to completely come to the surface!

So far I'm finding myself feeling I can leave the house more often without make up than ever before and on a "bad skin day" I can usually just spot conceal and feel pretty confident with that. I'm feeling excited about my results thus far and hope that with long term use it will only get better!

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I'm glad this seems to be working for you. You might want to check out the , though. Remember--if you're not actually following The Regimen, you can't really expect the same results as you would get if you were. ; )

You're right! I really should follow the regmen exactly. So starting today I'm using the moisturizer regardless if I think it breaks me out more and I'm just going to wait it out and hope for the best!

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