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my derm says, "oil is made so deep in the skin, you can't wash it away. it doesn't work like that." i guess what happens is when you wash your face too much, your skin gets dry and reacts by making even more oil.

i wash my face about 3-4 times a day.

1) i wash it when i wake up in the morning. thats important. i use A LOT of moisturizer after.

2) after i've been walking on campus all day, my face gets oily and i sweat b/c my campus is one giant steep hill! i can't help but wash all that oil and dried sweat off.

3) then later it'll be kind of dry, but i feel really gross about putting moisturizer on skin without washing it first. i dont wanna rub the into my skin like that. thats just gross.

4) and of course, i wash my face before bed. thats necessary.

my skin has been looking really good lately (accutane) so people have been coming up to me and being like "oh my god, your skin looks great!" and next thing i know they're holding my cheeks with their oily hands. or, if any kind of food touches my face (specifically anything greasy), i feel like i should wash that area. or if i accidentally find myself resting my face in my hands in class, or rubbing the area under my eyes when i get sleepy.

am i washing too much? does anyone have any suggestions for changes i can make so i don't have to wash my face as often?

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Washing your face three to four times a day is definitely too much. Stick with just washing twice--once in the morning, and once in the evening. Over-washing can irritated skin, which can actually lead to breakouts.

If your face gets oily during the day, you could try oil blotting sheets. And as for people grabbing your face, it's totally acceptable for you to ask them not to. That's a bit of an invasion of personal space, and if you don't want people touching you, all you have to do is tell them not to.

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i guess what happens is when you wash your face too much, your skin gets dry and reacts by making even more oil.

If by the word "oil" you mean sebum (the oily material produced in the sebaceous glands that oozes onto the surface of the skin through the follicular canal), you're wrong on both counts:

1) Sebum has no significant effect on the moisture content of skin.

2) Your skin doesn't "react" to any simple external condition (like washing your skin) by altering the amount of sebum it produces. All that affects sebum production is various hormones, especially androgens and estrogens.

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I wash only once a day now (in the mornings) and i've found that without the second helping of BP and moisturizer, etc. that my skin tone is more even and it doesn't feel as rough or greasy (2 extremes that I found my skin would switch between).

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