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And so it begins....

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Just popped my first accutane pills! kinda nervous. 35 mg per day to start.

Im male, 26 from the UK.

Moderate acne. Can go through spells of being quite clear. Its perfect when i go on holiday...like looking at someone elses skin.

I do, however, get lots of painful cystic spots that lurk under the skin, never come to a head, swell up making my face look distorted and make me want to hide away fromt the world. I've tried everything over the last decade. Antibiotics. Some work brilliantly for a while but then your body just seems to grow immune to them. Every face wash/product under the sun. All kinds of funky diets. Like I say, the only thing that consistently works is going on holiday and getting in the sun and the sea. Unfortunately my lottery numbers are yet to come in and so a never ending holiday in a hot country isn't really an option.

Finally said 'enough is enough', depspte being concerned about nearly all of the side effects!

I hope i dont get too bad of an initial breakout.

I hope my eyes dont get too dry, because they already feel dry, i guess from years of daily contact lens usage.

I REALLY hope it doesn't mess with my libido and stuff. I read quite a few posts from guys saying that they couldn't 'get it up' after taking accutane. In some cases, permanantly!

Anyway, just using this as a journal to document my own personal questions and thoughts along the way.

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hey buddy!

just want to wish you good luck! i just started my course too about 6 days ago, and so far so good! i know what you mean about being nervous though - it was a little hard popping that first pill. anyways i'll check up on your log since were just about course twins, and am here if you need support. best of luck!

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thanks for the messages.

Just a vey brief update.

So far so good. 10 days in now and waiting for an initial breakout. Im not sure when the breakouts typically occur..?..

My lips are a little dry. Been using vaseline stuff. Looking to get the aquafor stuff i keep reading about.

My skin is actually looking like how it looks when im having a 'good week' skin wise.

Good enough for me to go out with the boys at the weekend and not feel too self aware.

Coud it be that the accutane is already working and maybe i wont get an initial breakout? who knows. It could just be coincidence and my skin would have been reasonably clear this last week and a half with or without the accutane.

It also seem like the accutane is already going to work on my problem areas.

I think i mentioned that there are about 3 areas on my face where i get huge, 'under the skin' cysts that come up once a month or so and swell the skin around it up quite alot and take forever to go.

Well, since taking the accutane they have kind of changed. All 3 of the areas where i get these are all 'active' at the same time which usually would be living hell, but you cant really see them for once. Its like the accutane has not allowed the skin to swell. I can just feel hard lump under teh skin, but they also feel SMALL and hard, whereas they used to feel HUGE and squishy!

(hope that made sense)

appointment scheduled for the end of the month i think. I assume thats when they take more blood from me and give me more pills?

Anway, i'll update again soon. So far so good


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Breif update.

I am hoping that I have actually already had my initial breakout (I mentioned before that all of my recurring spots were active in my last update a few weeks in to the course).

If that indeed was the initial breakout, then it was nothing!

Despite quite a few spots they were all half the size that they were before starting accutane, and so overall it didn't bother me too much at all.

Hope i dont get a really bad breakout soon to wipe the grin off my face , and punish me for beng optimistic!

What else.....lips are still pretty dry, but not bad enough for me to repalce my vaseline with the stonger stuff yet.

Only in the last 3 days or so, my skin is getting a little dry. Some areas are a little white and flakey, but anyone who has suffered with acne knows that thats a small price to pay for being relatively clear!

Not noticed any other side effects really.

If got my first checkup appointment next week.

Do i get another blood test then?

Dont think i really have any pics of my face before, because i avoid cameras when I can!

Gonna put a pic up of me in my profile though maybe....

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Had had my one month appoinement.

As of tomorrow im gonna be on 65mg per day. Was kind of hoping to stay on the same does, but i guess Doc knows best.

Need to get my blood tested again soon too.

Skin still pretty clear really. Lips about the dryest they've been yet. Gonna look for the stronger stuff (aquafor??) soon. No big deal though. Dry lips are nothing compared to painful spots!

Anyway, lets see how this new higher dose treats me.

Is there a chance that im still yet to have my initial breakout? Im still not sure if ive had it or not. Ill update in a few weeks i guess.


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Been on the higher does for a few days now.

Skin still looking quite good, really.

Starting to get dryness on my ARMS now. Hair possibly feels a little dryer but its hard to tell...Could be my imagination.

At what point would it be fair to assume that you are past the initial breakout stage?

I ask because im stil not sure ive had one yet. If i did, it was especially mild. No worse than one of my typical breakouts....in fact probably not as bad! I have had a big increase in tiny blackheads which have never bothered me before. I know everyones skin is different, but I can get rid of blackheads in seconds and they dont bother me in the slightest. I find it strange that some people stuggle to remove blackheads. I guess its a difference in our pores or seomthing?

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Some ppl never get a real IB. Maybe you'll be a lucky one :) My IB was kind of drawn out over the first two months. And I've heard in general that things generally improve by the end of the third month.

Goodluck with everything!

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Hey, haven't updated in a quite a while, although there's really not been much to say.

Skin has continued to be pretty clear. Lips have remained dry. No new side effects.

Its been a wonder drug so far which I would definitely recommend.

My derm was busy with apppointments which meant that I would be out of the drugs for a week or so until i could see here again to check my blood and give me new pills.

In that 1 week period (which ended yesterday) my lips are already back to normal and nice.

I have had about 2 new spots creep up in that time, although they are small and dont even bother me.

It does make me wonder and get a little parranoid about the possibility that the drug only works whilst you're taking it and that when i finish the course i will revert back to my cystic acne.

We shall see...i hope not.

So picked up another 2 months worth which i think she said may be my last lot.

Still only on 65mg. I thought she would bump me up but she didn't which I guess i quite good.

So yeah.

Had pretty clear skin for a while now and I enjoy my nights out so much more! Probably spending more money though! :( lol.

Haven't stayed in on a weekend due to bad, cystic breakouts since pretty much starting the drug.

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I think I've basically finished my course now. I just want to stay on them! :( lol. I''ve enjoyed it!

I thought I was given 2 months supply last time, but it was only one. Had my 4th blood test yesterday, last of the pills tomorrow, then i've got an appointment with the derm where i believe she 'signs me off'.

Very concerened about my skin slowly reverting to how it was before.

Im still getting the odd new spot coming up which although doesn't really bother me, does suprise me a little, at this stage of my treatment.

Will my skin carry on getting better when i fishish taking the pills?

In general, does peoples acne come back?

Either way, at this point, I must say that taking accutane was a brilliant decision. I've been able to enjoy these 4 months of my life. Going out on nights out without being really self concious has been lovely. The only price has been dry lips. My bloodwork has came back 'perfect' each time, and i've even been going out for the occasional beer since starting the treatment.

Really hoping that my skin doesn't revert, otherwise I guess I'll just have to go on it again!

I'll likely update the journal a final time after my next appointment where I believe I am told that my treatment is complete.

Edited by flatron
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I've Got my first bad spot since stopping accutane :(

Quite a large, under-the-skin, cystic one on my chin.

I hope the acne isn't already returning. I was hoping to have more than a few months of being happy, really....

I was 'signed off' form the accutane about 3 weeks ago.

My derm told me that people are alowed to go on accutane 3 times.

She didn't give me anything else.

Im now dreading my skin getting progressivly worse over teh coming weeks.

Can I go straight back on accutane, or will I start the whole cycle over agian of antibiotics etc???


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