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Accutane summer time or winter

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What do you guys think should accutane be taken during the summer or winter months.

I am thinking I should postpone my treatment until winter because of the sun exposure during the summer months.

I don't want to burn and with tane its almost impossible because you can get burned just by being out side. I have to work out doors during summer time so I am thinking I should wait until winter to start back up on accutane.

Please chime in thanks

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My derm told me, that he advices everyone to start around august and do the course over the winterperiod, like u said, due to the sun. Many people insist on starting around now anyway, and he is fine with that aswell. That's what he told me not that long ago atleast.

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I have taken tane on two different occasions; luckily for you, once in the summer and once in the winter.

In the summer, I played soccer and was always outside. It was hell because my face was always red and I always had to worry if I didn't put sunscreen on. However, daytime is not the only time I would be outside. The natural humidity would moisturize my skin, even though I had to risk burning as well. Luckily for me, I never burned, but the sun is only a negative while on tane.

In the winter, the air was sucked bone-dry, so that situation does not help with the moisture of your skin at all. However, the fact that there is no sun helps exponentially. In the winter though, I just felt so depressed because of my ugly, yet healing, skin compounded by the nasty, harsh winter snowy weather. The summer kept me tan and happy with warm weather.

I would advise the winter, especially because you have to work outside. Make sure to always moisturize, internally with water and externally with lotion moisturizer.

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My sister just finished taking it and she did it in the winter its better because u cant be in the sun at all. Ur skin will become very very sensative.

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I just stopped my treatment and am going to post pone till winter time. I don't want to deal with the extra sun factor over the summer. thanks for the info.

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It would definately be better to start your treatment in winter, or even fall...I began early october, and im done this or next month...perfect timing!!! Definately risky to do it in the summer...also im sure your complexion will be better during the summer months

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