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Hope for a clearer future :) w/PICS!

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Hey to all :)

I am a 28 yr old female that is on my 4th day of treatment on Claravis. I am taking two 30 mg capsules a day, both at the same time.

Obviously it's really early on but I would like to document my experience on it because I know it is helpful to me to read the trials and tribulations of others on this medication. Everyone's body and chemistry is different therefor the med will effect people in different ways with some common side effects occuring in most. (at least this is what I have observed!)

Some stories scared the bajeezies out of me and others were inspiring! So here I will let you know my story and if Claravis will be heaven sent or just sent to agitate!

I was put on accutane many years ago (9 i believe). I have had mild acne my whole life, but none the less , acne! Which ever way you cut it acne of any type is such a downer and cuts down on the self esteem. I believe I was on a 4-5 month course back then but I really can't remember. My skin was clear for approx. six months afterwards and it was great! My doc. believes that it didn't work to it's full potential because I did not complete the course or go back for a second round when the acne came back. Either way I'm trying again!

Day 4 has been pretty normal for me, aside from drier lips, redder skin, and a few more pimples. I get acne mostly on my jawline and I have a few lighter cystic acne bumps along with smaller regular ones currently. My back hurts a bit but this could be from all the moving I did this weekend!

I will post pics very soon (as soon as I unpack my camera!)

Good luck to all and I look forward to sharing

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accutane at 9? How bad was your acne then and at what age did you develop it? I'm surprised any doctor would prescribe a 9 year old accutane. You obviously know that it's a very powerful drug.

I'm on day 6 of 60mg. red face, dry spots, lips are getting more chapped day by day, but my acne is going away! I really would like to skip over the next 6 months of my life sooooo badly!!!

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Ok so I just typed a long ass post that took forever and my cat just jumped on my lap top and pressed a button that erased it!! WTF.. I am not a happy camper..

Anyways.. I would have posted earlier but I couldn't figure out how to! Didn't even know people replied! Also it won't let me upload a pic for my profile.. so confused!

So, thanks for replying peeps! I'm excited to let u all in on my progress and to read all of yours, very helpful! I did mean 9 years AGO so I was 19 :) Thanks for the support guys. I found my pic so if I can figure out how to upload then we r good!

DAY 8:

one week down, Def IB goin on

All around my chin line which is where I always break out. A few cysts and one between the eyes (yay!)

dry skin, lips, nose (lips feel like there is a wierd coating on them)

slight IBS but had that before I started

"Tired" eyes

Thats about it for now... Pretty much on track I think! Can't wait for some clearness! Also I drank a little bit this weekend (I bartend) so hope my tri's didn't go up.

Quick note: people that question why we r on this or tell us to get off of it don't seem to understand that it is not just a cosmetic issue it is detrimental to self esteem and our every day living. Prevents us from living life to the fullest because we feel as though people are always staring at our zits. Skipping social events, the beach (god forbid no makeup!) so much that we can't enjoy. If there is a med out that that has the possibility to potentially "cure" this problem we ARE going to try it. Of course we don't want to suffer these side effects but a few months of suckiness is way better then years of depression and lack of self worth!

luv ya'll




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ok.. so I think I figured out the pic thing..

Even though they r so friggin gross and embarrasing I need to post them to show results through out treatment.. argg...






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Ok... so day 9

I woke up with a wicked headache.. great way to spend my radiation science class.. haven't woke p w a headache in a loonnngg time.. gatta b the accutane.

My skin on my face is super dry.. like my concealer is flaky.. ugggg..

and my back is killin me.. not my lower back though.. like my thoracic ragion.. mid back...

hmmmm... had better day for sure

btw... does anyone know how to create that accutane regime thing on peoples profiles? can't find it.

faithinhim Np .. just hate lookin at them myself! I was reading ur blog the other day.. very encouraging :)

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:pray: DAY 11: Prayin to get better!

So all I can say is I wicked broken out! blah.. But if this is what was gonna come out on my skin eventually anyways.. mine as well all come out at once and get it over with... Really dry flaky skin.. super dry lips and a cut in the corner from dryness and it hurts like heck.. ouch! My neck hurt wicked bad the last couple days but I could have slept wrong... also my face is more red than usual and it freaks me out a little bit.. so ya.. all in all it sux right now.. but tryin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.... oh yeah and dry nose and IBS but I've always had that so I don't want to blame certain symptoms on the med.. but ya neva know.. hopefully it improves sooner than later!

Anyone have any idea what are good vitamins to take while on this that might help anything? fish oil? iron? multi w/o A?? lemme know :)


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DAY 16 ... 2 Weeks done!

Ok.. so initial breakout is healing :) yaya... Same symptoms as before.. dry skin, lips, random headaches here and there, back pain, bleedy gums only when I brush my teeth.

My hair just started doing the no oil thing so it looks like I just washed it all the time.. thats kinda nice :) Definatley itchy scalp though

And I developed excema like rashes on the back of my hands and forearms after a long day working at the hospital and using that drying foam all day on thurs but it has cleared up

Night vision is kinda funky and sensitive eyelids to shadow...

On a good note my skin is definatley softer, especially on my face and the blackheads around and on my nose seem to be pushing there away out!

I'll post some pics shortly

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Alli :cool:

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DAY 18:

I am behind like 3 days on my treatment because a few of the days this pst week I only took one 30 mg. pill instead of two cuz I was drinking (st. Patty's) of course I am sure that that did nothing! Also my side effects seem to be alot but I'm also kinda a slight anxiety whore so that could be why too!!! hmmmm... anywho..

Doing ok.. face is still broke out along my jaw but not many white heads so that helps me to not pick! but I noticed that when I do pic it remains red longer and I get several more bumps around that area!

Side effects: Skin is dry but not that bad, lips are dry but only bad when I don't drink enough water or slather on lotion. my gums are alot more sensitive and bleed when I brush, My chest and joints ache, excema like rashes on the back of my hands, dry nose but no nose bleeds.


side effects I don't mind is hair that always looks like I just washed it and my blackheads seem to be clearing up a bit. Such a SLOOOWW process but if it works I will b forever grateful.

rashes on the back of my hand kinda worry me.. not sure what that is all about, hope it's not the "Hives" that the warnings say..

I have hope that it will get betta...

Spring break is over.. booo.. but at least I can get back to concentrating on my skin and not partying! ha..

hope to hear from you guys...

Alli :confused:







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