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My acne isn't too bad, but from time to time it just seems to get out of control. My Skin is normally dry, but it is really dry right now. could this be causing my acne since no matter how much I scale back on the BP or increase the moisturizer my skin is still dry. I don't want to stop using BP since that is the only thing that has worked for me and my skin used to be really bad.

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If your skin is really dry and you're breaking out, stop the BP, give your skin a break. Dry skin is bad and can cause break outs, and if you keep using it with the dry skin your face will suffer even more. Just take a small break and moisturize, and once you feel your skin is healing (a few days or so), then you can start the BP again. Just cleanse your skin with a light cleanser for the next few days.

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Is it winter where you are? My skin always gets incredibly dry and itchy in the winter. However there are some tips and tricks that helped me:

*get a cold water humidifier and turn it on at night (make sure to clean as directed)

*put a pot of water on your radiator (if you have one and clean every day)

*Don't use very hot water

*Try a non-drowsy anti-histamine

*Use a moisturizer with menthol

*Don't scratch! Put pressure on the itch instead.

Your skin may be getting drier because there's less moisture in the air when it's cold outside, and therefore the water on your skin evaporates faster. Add on to this, the wind, and skin get dry very fast. This helped me a lot: [removed]

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