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Blood tests after starting Colostrum and anti-Candia Diet

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So I started Colostrum and a very strict anti Candida diet. I had been on and off on low carb diets which did seem to help, but the after going on the Candida diet I have been feeling without energy, and kind of drained. Blood tests show it. I wont list what came back as normal, but I will list what came back as abnormal. I took the test about 5 days after I started the Colostrum and the candida diet. I was experiencing some die off symptoms at that point.

Glucose 49 (Referance 70-105mg/dl)

Triglyceride 55 (Referance 65-250)

LDL(cal) 108 (Referance 0-100 mg/dl)

WBC 4.07 (Referance 4.07-11.0 1000/ul)

Neutrophil 38.4 (40.0-74.0 %)

Lymphocyte 52.6 (19.0-48.0

Vitamin D-3 30 (Referance 25-80)

And just to note, I asked the DR to test for my D-3 because I was curious. I supplement anywhere from 2,000-4000ui per day and it is still somewhat low. It barely made the cut.

So from looking at my above results that came back abnormal, I can conclude that my glucose is low because of my strict diet of no sugars. That would explain why I feel so fatigued as well ever since I started this diet. I dont know why my LDL's are high..My collesterol was within the normal rage. I read somewhere online that if you supplement daily with fish oil it can show a high LDL on your blood tests.

There is something going on with my white blood cells. The neutrophil and Lymphocyte results are related to the white blood cells. Now I am curious if all that is related to my "candida die off", or if that was going on from before. Any input on my blood test results?

I will take some pictures one of these days, but my skin is doing pretty good at the moment. Not sure if I can attribute that solely to the Colostrum, or the Anti Candida diet, but something is helping. I have gone through a few days of being very clear. Yes I am on Differin, but I have been on that for over 5 months and I wasn't ever this clear. I would still get acne around my mouth/chin area, and now that seems to be in controll. I still get the ocassional bump here and there, but it doesn't get real infected, or it just doesn't surface. Before they would get real inflamed, and look real bad and red with lots of puss.

And another thing to note..The anti candida diet sucks. Even before I started the anti candida diet, I have been seriously limting my sugar intake for the past 4 years, without a problem. ..No soda of any kind, no sweets, no candy, chocolate, etc. On holidays or special occasions I would indulge myself onto a slice of pie, or maybe a holiday cookie on a rare occasion, but that was it and I felt horrible afterwards. All that was fine with me because I was still eating fresh fruit through out the day. Since I have started this candida diet, I haven't had any fruit, and it sucks! I dont have any energy at all, especially since I am avoiding the type of foods high in carbs as well. I make sure to get 8 hours of sleep every night so I can make it through the day. By the end of the day I am dragging my feet around.

And one more thing. I have been taking HCL betaine capsules for the past 4 days. Started off with 1 capsule before my meals on on the first day, and gradually kept taking more to find what I need. Today I took 4 before my meals and still haven't experienced that "burning/warm sensation" in my stomach. Maybe it all is a huge chain reaction that involves the stomach acid production, candida, leaky gut, and diet that ultimately leads to acne.

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