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How to get on Accutane without insurance/coverage?

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I am a 20 year old female that desperately wants to go on Accutane. When I first visited my doctor, she told me about the drug immediately, but I was a little apprehensive about the side effects. So instead, I went down the topical and antibiotic route. I took Retin A, but that made my acne worse in my opinion, so I stopped. Then she put me on Doxy and a benzoyl wash and my skin started to clear up, but not completely clear. The anti-biotic was probably still in my system, so my skin wasnt so bad after I stopped taking them. Now after a few months off the anti-biotic, my skin is inflamed with painful cysts and have awful scars. I want to go on Accutane but my parents wont let me. They think the drug is too harmful for my body and I wont have children. I don't have insurance, Im under their name, so I have to ask them to buy me the products. It was embarrassing to ask my dad if I can go on birth control and of course, he said,"NO". According to them, the reason why I keep breaking out is that I swtich my products to often, so my skin doesnt have time to adjust. I don't believe that at all, I usually take the same products for months. I might pay out of pocket for the birth control which is 75 dollars. :cry: This is my last resort and I dont know what to do without it. Is it possible for me to go on without insurance?

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