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Lymecycline . . worse before it gets better?

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Hi everyone. My doctor put me on Lymecycline one a day, with a repeat prescription for a year(!). I've been using BP 5/10% on and off for over 5 years now. The BP does help, but I'm just sick of using it and it drying out my skin so decided to ask to be put on anti-biotics.

I've been on the anti-biotics for a week now and already I'm noticing an effect . . . a bad one. I'm getting spots on my back, where I haven't had them there for years and a few on my kneck. My face has stayed the same-ish, but I think that's because I'm still using the BP(5%).

Has anyone experienced it getting worse before it gets better? I've read a few posts on anti-biotics on here and no one seems to mention it. It seems like a natural body response, the bacteria is fighting back before eventually my immune system and Lymecycline will win out? If not then perhaps I'm having a bad reaction and should go back to my doctor?

Also, I'm planning on keeping on my BP/E45 moisturiser regime (twice a day) for the next month and a half or so and then going on to using the regime for once a day for another month or so. Is that wise? Should I be stopping the BP/E45 regime now? Other people's experiences with BP whilst on anti-biotics would be useful as I'm quite unsure on what to do!

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I'm taking Solodyn. My derm said that it can make some people worse before it makes you better. I've only been on it a couple of weeks or so, but I can see some improvement. Nothing like clear or anything, but less imflamation. I continue to use BP, and the derm agreed I should. I still get new breakouts. I only use BP on actives. I found using it all over just irritated my skin too much.

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