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tanning and acne (especially cystic in my case)

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So heres the deal.

In the summer months I'm usually tan (naturally due to the fact im italian), acne free, and happy

Yet right now I find myself rather paler than usual and breaking out quite frequently. I feel like this happens every year too.

I have a tanning bed I can use and I'm thinking that if I use it a few minutes here and a few minutes there it might give me that little color I need, and little sunlight my skin is dying for.

Do you think this would just make it worse?

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im the same exact way in the summer bro.. every year is the same, perfect clear skin in summer and then cystic breakouts in winter... it sucks dude. You get a lot of vitamin D from natural sunlight, which is good for your skin, so take D3 in winter and try and get some natural sunlight (tanning beds cannot produce vitamin D). the tan also hides some of my acne (i get really dark)

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What I do....and seems to kinda help is I put the tanning lotion on, ya know. Then on my pimples or on my post breakout marks I put sunblock on. I rub it in the I put a dab on it without rubbing it in. Like blot it ya know. So it eaves a white mark on it. Basically my whole theory on that is your just tanning your skin and protecting the acne and/or post acne marks. Then when ya shower later on and mosturize the marks wont look soo dark as your skin will be somewhat tanner.

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Well, everyone knows that tanning is super bad for your skin. Skin cancer, skin that ages faster, blah blah. But when tanning in moderation it can be good for you. You get vitamin d this way! I think tanning can also help dry up some of the oils that cause breakouts. Be careful if you are using tanning lotions though. I don't think very many if any at all are oil free and non-comdogenic. I was looking at a bottle of mine and one of the ingredients can clog pores.

Here's what Dan has to say about tanning:

Q: Can I use tanning beds?

A: There are a few reasons why tanning beds may be a bad idea for someone who is acne prone:

1.Exposure to UV light causes skin damage which can ultimately bite back with a breakout in the weeks following exposure as the skin attempts to heal itself. If you've ever noticed that you tend to break out mysteriously a week or two after using a tanning bed, the tanning bed may be the culprit.

2.Horizontal tanning beds force your back to come into contact with a glass surface for an extended period of time. That glass surface slowly gets sweaty. We know that prolonged irritation, especially when combined with sweat, can aggravate body acne. Add to this scenario the UV damage to your skin, and evidence starts emerging that horizontal tanning beds may be a close to perfect back acne recipe. I have personally found horizontal tanning beds to be off limits for myself for these very reasons. I've used them several times throughout my life, and broken out each and every time on my upper back.

For the sake of argument, there may be a reason or two that tanning beds are not so bad.

1.Tanning beds can ease the depression caused by lack of sunlight. Less stress can mean less acne.

2.Tanning beds can help provide vitamin D, a powerfully important nutrient in our bodies.

My best advice: If you are acne prone on your back, avoid horizontal tanning beds altogether. If you must tan in a tanning bed, choose a standing variety, and limit your time in the booth to one of the shortest durations available at the salon. Then, continue with an ongoing back acne treatment regimen to prevent post-tanning breakouts. If you are prone to acne on your face and neck, cover these areas or wear a non-comedogenic sunscreen (I vastly prefer zinc oxide based sunscreens) while inside a tanning booth. Then, after exposure, continue with an ongoing face and neck treatment regimen to prevent breakouts.

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