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So I read a thread a couple of weeks ago about somebody who cured his son's acne by fighting off the Candida fungal infections in the digestive tract. They suggested taking a supplement, but I couldn't find it in any of the stores (over the counter), and was fairly expensive online, so I started reading about other things that control the amount of candida bacteria in our bodies. I decided to try Acidophilus and it has been working wonders.

I had one huge cyst next to my nose, another cyst on my right cheek, and several whiteheads everywhere else. The cysts began to recede and the whiteheads went away. Now the two cysts are almost completely gone, and I've only had two new whiteheads appear on my chin/neck area (and the puss that is removed is minimal, not nearly as much as it used to be).

I think it has been exactly 1 week since I started taking the tablets. I started out with one per day, and yesterday started taking two per day since they are so cheap. 1 in morning and 1 at night. I've also only been rinsing my face with water.

The first thing I always do every morning is look in the mirror and deal with all of the new whiteheads that have formed, but this past week there have been none other than the two I mentioned before. It's a great feeling

This is what I ordered


It could probably be found in local stores, just make sure it has a high CFU count.

I am hoping that everything continues the way they are for me! :D I will keep taking the tablets and update every once in awhile. I suggest giving this a try if you haven't found anything that works for you. If anybody else has tried Acidophilus, please let me know how it worked for you.

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Surprised nobody has tried this...or just don't want to reply?

Just came in to update, and everything is still going great..

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interesting.......might have to try this. i just read that its a natural cure for eczema too and i have eczema. is there a specific type i need to look for? what about capsules vs. liquid? i would think it would be better to try the liquid.

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I've been taking acidophilus for about a month and a half now, and it's not helping anymore.

Don't waste your money.

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