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How Can I Prevent a Swollen Face?

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I notice sometimes when I wake up from sleeping, one side of my face will be swollen, they're both equally bad. I can feel the puffiness all over my cheek. Is there anyway to prevent this? I always get scared. It's just a very uncomfortable feeling. As if the bumps weren't enough to deal with now I have to suffer from a big ol' cheek! :sick:

Whoever says acne isn't a big deal is so wrong. Having to deal with peeling, white pus coming out, cheeks that hurt from all the acne, not even being able to hide it with make-up, the side of effects of medication, the burning sensation of putting creams on or washing it, and afterwards, swollen cheeks, swollen lymph nodes. AND NOT TO MENTION THE OVERALL SELF ESTEEM DAMAGE. & then when the nightmare is gone if you're lucky, you have to deal with these horrid scars.

Wow and to think back then I would throw a fit for one little whitehead.

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Ive never really experienced this...

I would recommend not sleeping directly on your cheek, difficult to change sleeping habit but yeah use a hand on the side of your face and dont have any direct contact with the cheek.

Also if your not already, try some natural anti-inflammatory foods this may also help.

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I find that satin fabric pillowcases are gentler to the skin. I know they reduce those morning sleep-lines that I get from sleeping on one side of my face all the time. If you can try to sleep more on your back, or at least don't have the entire side of your face pressing into the pillow, that might help. I know its hard to change sleeping positons though!

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