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Impossible not to pop a pimple.

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Guys i find it hard for the zit to be left alone and its mainly due to showering and other stuff, maybe you guys can help me find another way. This is the problem, when i take a shower, the warm water make my skin really soft therefor make the zit soft and they pop instantly if they dont pop by themselves, i have to clean the area around it or they have a huge gunk around the zit because of BP. Am considering 2 option.

1. Leave the zit alone and the area around it, dont rub the dry skin off or the zit will pop from stretching the skin.

2. When it comes to a head, use a needle and pop it, squeeze all the puss out.

I find it really hard for the zit to not pop... i mean from applying bp, putting on clothes, putting on sunscreen. Your gonna end up poping it somehow.

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i agree. that happened with this big pimple that was about to explode. when i was cleaning the creme off my face i scrubbed on it and it exploded.

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I usually just use a clean needle. If something's begging to be popped, and it's so close to the surface that just washing or showering could destroy it, I HAVE to pop it.

Nothing worse than having the fat chunk of goo just sitting there on your face in this little pocket of skin. It looks and feels bad, so I just get rid of it.

Otherwise I let it brew for a few days, and it can usually be coaxed to the surface with a hot compress. My zits go away so much faster now that I know when to pop them and when they're ready.

I usually try to do it at a time of day that's close to one of my washings (morning or night.) Afterwards, I wash my face thoroughly, and if the area isn't too raw or painful, I apply a little extra BP to keep the bacteria from taking over. Sometimes I use a cleanser with triclosan (Clearasil Sensitive Skin.)

I don't scar easily, though. This doesn't work for everybody--especially if you have sensitive, delicate, easily-scarred skin. So do what works for you.

Take care


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