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Using accutane alone?

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When I saw the dermatologist, he prescribed accutane, and told me to take one pill per day. But he didn't give me anything else.

I've been reading accutane logs, and everyone seems to have facial cleansers, moisturizers, and who knows what else. This kind of stresses me out ...

Is it not a good idea to use accutane alone? Or is it ok, but the results are faster by using other products as well?

Thanks ahead for clearing this up

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lol, dermatologists usually only prescribe accutane by itself. Some may prescribe an antibiotic to combat the initial breakout, but a lot just prescribe it alone.

The moisterizers and facial washes do not need prescriptions. You can find them over the counter. Most popular facial cleanser used around is probably Cetaphil, but I've heard the generic ones are just as great.

Do a little bit of research before.

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Yeah... if you read everyone's Accutane log/review... you're gonna go crazy lol.

There are SO many discrepancies with the procedure for taking Accutane. My PA told me to use Cetaphil cleanser and lotion. That's it. Some say to use Ivory soap. Some say use this, some say use that. It really varies.

I think that a gentle cleanser and moisturizing lotion is really all you need. And if you want to exfoliate, do it no more than once a week. Your skin will be much to dry to take it.

Don't stress, Accutane causes enough of that for you. :)

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