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12% TCA permanently ruined my face. I can't stop crying..

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Guest Timehealsall
Hi Darlene (& Others),

The best thing to do to repair orange peel skin (i.e. severely dehydrated skin) is this:

1. Go "feral" (i.e. don't wash your skin for as long as you can tolerate i.e. at least 4 days but preferably 1 or 2 weeks or more at a time). The longer you allow your natural oils to rehydrate & repair your skin naturally, the quicker your skin will repair itself. NOTE: Dry skin can be a leading cause of scarring.

2. Eat a mostly raw organic, nutrient complete, wholefoods vegan diet (please research how to do this properly). Otherwise, go feral and do detox juicing 3 x per day until your skin texture improves.

Drink liver cleansing juices like:

Beetroot/ carrot/ apple/ ginger


Cucumber/ spinach leaves/ alfalfa sprouts/ apple/ celery.

3. Eat lots of good natural organic, cold pressed oils in your food EVERDAY like flaxseed oil, organic virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil etc.

4. Eat lots of mixed raw nuts and mixed raw seeds daily.

5. Don't add any topicals to your face. However, once a month, you can apply fresh natural lime juice for a vitamin c skin boost (helps build collagen, brightens and refreshen skin --it's anti-aging). Also, on any spots, just add organic lavender oil directly on them (NB apply only on the spot, not on the entire face as it's too drying).

6. Add 100% pure natural vitamin e to you face after you wash it once or twice in the first month of going "feral".

7. Don't add anything to your skin. Not even glycolic acid. (Apart from things suggested or hydrating mineral makeup).

8. Apply gently (i.e. dab) pure natural vitamin e around your eyes daily and to your forehead daily. If you do this, you're wrinkles should disappear within 3-6 months. (Also, don't squint and don't raise your eyebrows too much).

9. Don't sunbake. However, do get at least 1/2hr to 1 hour of direct sunlight daily (without sunblock) for vitamin D. Only use sunblock if you're out in the sun ALL day.

10. Don't smoke, don't drink alcohol (or very rarely i.e. once or twice a year) and don't drink anything caffeinated (no coffee, no tea, no cola, no sodas). But you can drink herbal tisane's like chamomile tea.

11. Drink alkaline mineral/ spring water daily i.e. 8 glasses per day.

12. After 3 months, if you need more help. Try skin needling using the gentle but effective 0.75mm size novaderm needle from Clear Skincare Clinics with copper peptide serum (but only short-term i.e. for 3 months, as longterm copper peptide serum use thins the skin). Skin needle once a week for a month and then only once or twice a month for 6 months. Your skin should be back to normal, even better!


AS :)

when you say not to wash the face, does this mean no water on it at ALL, or just no cleanser?

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Well it seems you had exposed premature skin, there for now your texture is all messed up.so what you need to do is go an all natural route and use topicals that help repair and rebuild skin. such as vitamins and aloe. Do not exfoliate, only wash your face with gentle cleansers nothing containing any acids or peroxides, if you use anything like that your skin will be stripped and damage further. don't scrub at your face either. moisturize a lot, and used lots of vitamins. Do not try any procedures or surgerys as they will result in more scarring and will make the skin even more fragile and ugly.

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