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Facial Massage for Facial Redness

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So, I realize that if I press onto the red areas (nose/cheek), the redness temporarily goes away (and reveals my true skin color :)). Note that I am not referring to bumps/scars, just redness. Subsequently, of course, the blood comes back and so does the redness.

A random thought that came up is that, it seems the blood is "trapped" in those areas? I was thinking if I massage properly, will I be able to "channel" those blood down to the neck and to elsewhere?

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I think the redness temporarily leaves because the blood vessels are being "blanched," much like if you press on a purple bruise and make it go temporarily white. Massaging the area, at least for my skin, would probably irritate it further and cause the skin to get redder in time. Of course, it depends on what's causing the redness in the first place, so you can't be sure.

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For those purple bruises, I was told it helps to massage the areas, again to circulate/channel out the blood. It hurts but it works. I haven't found anything that works for my face redness for years, so whatever, I shall give this a try.

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Jellybeans is right, massaging circulates the blood, that's why some people get hand/foot massages for bad circulation. If you were to massage those areas you would irritate them and cause more redness.

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