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I fINALLY found something that works!

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Hi everyone. I have lurked on this site for probably two years now, but never posted anything. I've had extremely oily skin since high school (I'm 28 now). After I had my first child at age 23, my skin changed for the worst. So oily that literally, I'd have to blot it every 15mts with tissue to soak up the oil. Cystic acne around my chin, that eventually spread around my face and my back. Worse at different times of the month. In addition, I started to lose my hair at an alarming rate. If ANY of these symptoms sound similar to you, please read on...I think I found something that works!

I started taking saw palmetto one week ago, and almost instantly saw results. I'm hardly losing my hair at all now. I've only gotten one new small cyst since last week and it's already going away...and best of all my pores arent producing as much oil. Still very oily but compared to before, I can handle it!

Has anyone else had good results with this herb? I don't want to jinx myself by posting this...but if it truly does work then I want to share. I've tried everything short of accutane or spirolactone...spent thousands of dollars on my skin and NOTHING worked...my story really is so much longer than this...I could write a book on my skin and everything i've tried, literally. If you have any questions just ask and I'll be happy to share...I am very curious to see if anyone else has had such seemingly good results with saw palmetto.

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I had similar symptoms (the exact same as you actually) and I took saw palmetto for a year....I had to quit taking it because my body hair (arms chest legs) increased as well.......IDK about the acne part.......didn't seem to help too much....I havent really noticed a difference after I stopped using


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I'm taking 3 pills a day, one with each meal. I think they are 120 mg pills. It still seems to be working, I'm seeing less cysts and noticably less hair loss, so i'm going to continue. I've also added stinging nettle and zinc, so we'll see if that has any added effect.

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I stumbled across the effects of saw palmetto by accident.

Im an avid gym goer and weight lifter, and started to take Saw Palmetto as it promotes general health and its good for the prostate. I noticed that my skin had zero oil on it after a few days of taking it.

I dont use tablets mind you. I use the powdered form, its absorbed easier :)

This is what i use:


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hey pgh01

hey how r ur results with saw palmetto...i also have cystic acne and i badly need a cure..is it still working until now? =) pls reply

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