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Erm, could you review my supplement routine...

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Hello everyone,

I used to suffer from moderate acne which after many years finally cleared up. I have got mild scars around my cheeks, get the odd break out, the common small spots, and still have that annoying comnination of dry-greasy skin.

Anyway, i was a firm believer in supplementing and still stick to my combination of zinc, vitamin c, evening primrose oil, and fish oil. However, i'm now reviewing all of this intake and whether it's potentially a waste of money and/ or harmful to me. So here's what i take everyday....please be as critical as possible to help me wake up to a new routine!

Zinc 30mg with copper (i take one 15mg pill in the morning/ evening)

Vit C 1000mg (One 500mg in the morning/ evening)

Evening prim 2000mg (One 1000mg pill morning/ evening)

Fish oil 2100mg of actual omega 3 (180mg epa/ 120mg dha) I have to take 6 1000mg capsules over the course of a day to achieve that figure.

I take all my pills after eating. I try to eat well and drink plenty of water. God knows how i finally settled at these figures, but have done for a good 2-3 years. I felt they may of helped my skin, but just cant be sure....

I'm maybe thinking of halving the amount of all of it...am i actually causing harm etc?

Many thanks guys and good luck with your ventures :)

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Fish oil is very good for other things besides just acne. As long as your not taking to much. Really you have to add up the amounts of omega 6 your getting and get it to a 4:1 ratio. A lot of people do a 1:1 ratio but I believe 4:1 omega 6 to omega 3 is what is recommended.

Nothing in Vitamin C could hurt you and probably only help. I don't recommend taking multiple grams a day however out of concern for the liver, although it is water soluble so you'll just pee the excess out. 500mg twice a day is absolutely fine.

Zinc should be safe to take at the dose your taking. Anymore then 30mg a day you should supplement with copper. I'd ignore the few people around these forums saying you don't need to supplement with copper with a dose over 30mg. I posted a response in a different thread to one such member complete with I believe 6 or 7 different sources and got no reply.

30mg should be fine though even without supplementation.

Also best not to take zinc+copper at the same time, health-wise its fine, but because they compete for absorption.

I believe evening primrose is used to supposedly help with hormone regulation? I have no knowledge on this one however.

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