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Cortisone Injection Help/Tips

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Hello Everyone! About two days ago (tuesday) I developed this little cycst on my face and now its friday and it hurts soo bad. It is actually not too big (compared to my others), like about half the size of my pinky nail, but still its really red and painful. So today I am going to go get it injected with a cortisone shot, but I was wondering if I should tell the derm anything. Like should I sort of point it out to her so she can inject it in the absolute right spot? I just really want to make sure it is gone by Monday. Can anyone with experience with these shots give me hope that it will???

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First, be patient with the forums. You can't expect a reply right away when we're all in different time zones with different activities going on.

Second, just tell your derm. you'd like it injected. Whether she does it well or not is up to her skill level...can't really control that.

Third, since the cyst is so new it may not be done swelling. In that case the cortisone shot may not work as well.

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thankyou so much! sorry i was just feeling kind of desperate...do you think it would be better then to wait till monday to get the shot?

I would just go to your derm and let her make the decision about whether an injection will help at this point. The swelling should start to go down in a day or so.

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