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Help with my forehead acne!

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I am 22, have had only mild acne until recently. Usually if I get a pimple I simply let it dry out and it goes completely away. Recently I started getting acne on my forehead for the first time. rather than drying up and completely going away like all my other acne, this acne sinks into the skin, leaves a small indent, and scars. I recently left the military and have grown my hair longer for the first time. I'm pretty sure this is the cause, and now, ironically, I keep my hair long to cover up the scaring. I have tried using a cleanser immediately after I shampoo my hair, but this doesn't work. Even if I only get a pimple every cpl weeks, it scars and makes my skin look terrible. I recently bought organic shampoo but that didn't help. What should I do? any advice is appreciated

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Hey there bud I had the same problem. Through out my life since age 15 or so I started to form pretty bad mild type acne on my cheeks mainly and chin. I tried every single acne medicine and none of them worked. Last summer of 09 and me being 19 years old then, I decided the heck with it, i am studying up on some herbs and natural treatments. I have found that Apple Cider Vinegar Organic (Has to be organic with Mother labeled on it) and some simple Omega 3 fish oil and eating tuna has helped my acne A LOT. I rarely get any acne any more. When I do, I apply APPLE cider on it and it drys it up smooths it out and heals it. I have found that it even starts to work on red marks. I am 20 years old now here in 2010. I had started to get tons and tons of pimples on my forehead about 3 months ago after I started using ACVO. Why? Well I believe these damned things have a mind of their own, they saw they couldnt form new pimples on my cheeks because the Avc was destroying them, so they attacked a spot that hadn't been exposed to the AVC. They hit me hard and left tons of red marks and indentions. I know what you mean about hiding it though. I have grown my hair long to hide it as well. I started to apply the AVC there, and guess what? It eleminated the acne completely. Destroyed all pimples in 2 days. Now 2 months after that happened, here today, the red marks are gradually fading. I can tell a huge difference in the ton of my skin and how smooth it is. The apple cider vinegar not only removes acne but it balances the PH of your skin and smooths it out over all. That means, it heals marks and blemishes from acne as well. It may take some time, but it does the trick. Here are some things you need to know though. Apply the AVC daily, twice. Once in the morning and once before you go to bed. When I apply it in the morning, i leave it as long as I can through the day. When I know im going to go work out or do some type of activity that causes me to sweat, I go to the sink and wash my face for about 2 mintues to get all of the AVC off. See AVC puts off a distinct odor when you sweat and when while it drys.. It smells horrid.. So wash it off when ya go do some type of activity. And also dont worry about it always smelling.. once it drys and stays dry you dont smell it. Then for the night phase, just let it dry and go to bed. Also, the regimen idea is good. I actually found out this guys process on my own when I was experimenting with herbs and stuff. I went to walgreens and I bought a 7 dollar 10% Pan Oxly facial bar to cleanse my face while I shower. (Pan Oxly is just Benzoyl Peroxide in a face bar form.) And I also bought walgreens brand of 10% Benzoyl Peroxide in a small white tub for about 4 dollars. So 4 for the tub and 7 dollars for the bar (Which the bar lasts for months...) thats only 11 bucks plus tax to keep a healthy looking face. And the AVC which also lasts for months and months is only 4 dollars as well. Compare this to the price of pro active or any other type of medicine and you got yourself a pretty good deal, and it actually works better in my opinion. Keep in mind, each person is different and different things work for each person. I struggled for years and finally I sat down, prayed, and began personal research on what could work. I finally found a solution to mine and im proud of that. I hope this helps with you. Here is my routine.

1.) Shower apply facial bar smoothly and gently while in the shower, wash off.

2.) Dry off, apply AVC with a cotton ball. Tap the cotton ball on your face, don't rub. Apply for about a minute or two. (Will burn at first until you get used to it. Will cause some redness the first day.)

3.) NOT FOR DAYTIME USE (Apply the 10% Benzoyl peroxide from the tub. Only do this at night. You don't need to do it more than once a day. It can dry out skin when you use this, but it helps fight. So only apply this at night when you go to bed.)

4.) If you have some problems with dry skin, I recommend Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Anything Aveeno is good stuff. Don't buy any other lotion, a lot of them cause more acne, this doesn't. It's organic and has Oatmeal in it. It works wonders. Only apply a little of this over your dry flacking areas of the skin.

Hope this helps, here's a link to an article explaining more about AVC. I hope it shows up, sometimes this forum wont let me link websites..

*Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

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