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How To Use Bio Oil?

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So I just bought a bottle of Bio-Oil from the Rite Aid. So here's my situation. I don't really have acne, but I have a few post pimple red marks on the side of my face, and my skin is somewhat red on my cheek too. I'm not sure what the redness is from, because there aren't any post pimple marks, but it kind of looks like a rash. I was hoping it would even out my complexion and take out the redness. So how should I use the bio oil. Should i make sure all parts of my face get the bio oil equally, or should I only apply it where its needed.

Also, I always moisturize after I take a shower because I get really dry skin. Should I just skip the moisturizer and only use the bio oil. Or should I apply the bio oil after the moisturizer. Or should I apply the bio oil seperately from getting out of the shower (don't do bio oil and moisturizer together).

I'm a bit skeptical of putting oil on my face. I always thought oil creates zits and pimples. Seems weird, but I guess sometimes you got to fight fire with fire.

Also, if anyone has any feedback about their experience with bio oil let me know.

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bio oil is mainly mineral oil, I think, which is one of the main ingredients in most moisturizers. I use to use bio oil a lot and I found that its better to apply after you wash your face, or shower, so that your skin can soak up everything in it.....you can apply moisturizer afterwards if you feel the need, but bio oil itself is very moisturizing........I think you might have better luck with the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation using an alpha hydroxy acid....good luck.

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Actually I'm thinking about using Bio oil on my face but scared that it might invite any unwanted hideous pimple .

Is it highly comedogenic ? Will it make my actual acne worse ? I'm still struggling to clear up my acne now. The Regimen seems to work for me but the scars still bothering me. Anybody help me? Any advice?

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