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Help need advice on my acne. Any advice please

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I have had mild acne since I was 18 and this is my current regimen


Wet face with warm water until facial hair is wet.

shave with nivea for men sensitive foam

wash off with hands by splashing face

Wash my face with Quinoderm face wash.

Was off same way as before

Pat face dry and leave for a while

Put on Zineryt

wait a whilte

Add nivea oil free moisturiser


Wash fasce with quinoderm

Put on Zineryt

I get big spots now and again around my mouth area but I have lots of sub surface acne.

now the pictures I am showing you where taking with a good camera and with a flash after I had a shower and face wash.

In the photo the acne looks really prominent but when I look in the bathroom mirror they dont show up.

What kind of acne do I have and is my routine a good one to use to help get rid of the sub surface acne mainly around my cheeks?



Could I be over doing it, could just doing the Zineryt be enough?

My regimen doesn't irritate my skin and I don't get any burning or itching sensations from any of my products.

Any advice would be great thanks

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See a dermotologist bro.

I can tell you what works for me but it may not work for you, ya know.

As far as electric shavers go I DO NOT like the ones with the 3 individual shaving heads like a norelco. I prefer the single bar ones like a remington. IDK why, but thats me.

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See I went to derm years ago (Im in the UK) and well they just said take roaccutain which im not doing as my acne is server and i am not risking the side effects.

I will try an electric razer that is one bar as I thought the same that it may work better for me.

I usd to have them on my chest and back but grew out of it and my doc seems to think the same will happen for my face as it has lessened over the years but not totally gone

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