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OK- So after reading enough logs I figured why not start my own? I will start counting the days from the day i started using Dan's BP as i had been using some leftover BP from my proactiv kit. I must say, some days are harder than others.

Today- Day 13:

I woke up to my face looking a bit crusty. I didnt use any Jojoba in my moisturizer last night even though i've been doing it every other day for the last week. I just felt it was better to let my skin get used to the Regimen and then add things later. This morning i found that even though my face looks SO much better than before, i find myself not being satisfied. WHY? 3 weeks ago when my face looked like someone stabbed it with a ice pick i wanted to crawl under a rock and now that its improving slightly i still feel like its not moving fast enough. I feel like i am scared the breakout will come back.

*Less redness

*Some old marks are fading SLOWLY

*BP is making me feel like my skin is cakey on my problem areas (thats where i put the BP only)

*I've got a cluster on the left side of my face that dont have heads, they look infected, WHY WHY WHY!!

*I've got a few ones on each cheek and they are taking forever to either go down or come up! I am so frustrated!


I usually drink a cup of green tea every morning and soon after go to the bathroom and look at my skin (2 hours after i do my regimen in the AM) to see if it looks different. Some times its better, some times its worse. SOOOO...today i decided to try and go as long as i can without looking at my skin closely in that mirror. I know that if i see some thing i dont like i will get sad, start to get discouraged and MAYBE even pick at my face. SO, i will try to counter act my pessimism and stay away from mirrors..TODAY, until tonight.


Purpose Gentle Cleanser - I like this, its wayyyy better than the Murad Cleanser i was using and i didnt get any additional breakouts when i switched to it. Less drying for sure.

*wait 10 minutes*

Dan's BP- I think this is a better BP than Proactiv's, proactivs seems chunky and like its expired or something, i no like.

*wait 15-20 minutes*

Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion- I actually like it, its lightweight and doesnt stay on the surface like my cetaphil does, so i'm using it.

I am also taking Fish Oil tab, multivitamin, and when i get the courage i do a tablespoon on ACV in water and down it. (tastes like champange after taste, GROSS)

*Things i hate: putting on the BP, it makes me HAVE to feel the pimples on my face, makes me angry

*The moisturizer, i feel like when i use ANY moisturizer it will make me oily

*Dry skin, its a reason why i didnt like proactiv but its less severe now

*Thinking i may have to depend on BP forever, i dont want to look old young!

*Wish me luck guys, also share with me your own throughts, i am here to help and be helped*

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