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Enzyme Therapy to get rid of acne

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After years and years of searching, studying and researching this topic I finally found the truth. Acne has to do with undigested protein, carbs and fats in the system that putrify, ferment and rancidify attracting parasites, mold, yeast and fungus. While these parasites are feeding off this wasted they go to the bathroom inside of you. There waste is extremely acidic. So first we have to stop feeding the problem by eating raw, living, cultured enzyme rich foods. Then, we can begin to cleanse and heal with live green juices and an abundance of mineralized food. While doing this we can supplement with enzymes, multiple digestive enzymes when we eat even raw food as the soil here is so depleted of enzyme activity and minerals as well as therapeutically does protease b/t meals on an empty stomach for eating up the undigested protein. AS you do this watch your skin and body change. This along with probiotic supplementation changes the terrain in the body creating a knew, friendly eco-system inside your world. Please choose medical grade, full spectrum, plant based enzymes for optimal results. Please check out my website Http://www.itallifefoundation.com and if you live in the area come to a free introductory class on gaining your health back! Love and Light.

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P.S. the protocol for acne would be as follows:

Protease 5pills 4X per day

Colloidal Silver (Topically)

Oxy-Gem Cream

Liquid Stable Oxygen

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Are enzymes and probiotics the same thing?

No. Probiotics are good bacteria. Enzymes are secreted to create a biochemical reaction, or breakdown your food.

Probiotics do not digest food. Enzymes do.

That aside, once again I'd like to point out that there is no proof that there is ONE single cause for EVERYBODY'S acne. Therefore, this enzyme approach might be the "truth" behind some people's acne, but not necessarily everyone's.

This is basically a raw food approach - something I'm already doing (as I've pointed out several times in this forum, already). If you're diet is rich enough, you won't need to rush out and buy expensive medical grade enzymes. You're body will repair itself naturally.

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They are two separate things. The Probiotic will help to change the terrain of the gut to a ratio of more friendly bacteria than bad. Many conditions today can cause damage to, or even the destruction of the normal healthy bacterial flora of the body. Damage to healthy microorganisms can lead to an overgrowth of harmful bacteria, yeast and viruses. This can lead to stress on the organs of elimination and the immune system.

Enzymes are the workers, they take the nutrients and carry them to wherever they need to go. As we age we lose enzyme potential. Also because of the foods we have eaten over the years. Dead food (cooked food) has no enzyme potential where living food does have enzymes. When you eat raw food you use less of your own enzymes. Most people that eat a living, raw food diet like myself continue to supplement with enzymes for what is lacking in our soils. Dr. Edward Howell is someone you may want to research.

Take Care.

p.s. Because most people require detoxification and immune support enzymes and probiotics are key if you have not been on living, cultured foods for 5-10 years. I work with Lou Corona whom has been on a living, cultured foods diet for 37 years and he stills take zymes and probiotics..he is glowing ...see my website for his pic!!!!! itallifefoundation.com Bless UP:)

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Hey One water, would you please explain the role of liquid stable oxygen, i have no idea what it does. Also, the protease in your protocol, are they systematic or digestive? One last question lol, what part of your protocol breaks down carbs and fat?

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