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Tiffany Bananas


Dear All,

I am starting to freak out! I decided to take accutane 5 1/2 back, my acne was never very bad, i just had the occasional breakouts, scars and a ton of blackheads. My dosage was the following until today: 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, 50mg, 50mg. My face was bad for the past 5 months, with little improvement this month. Worst part is, im getting married very soon, and I was hoping I can treat my face completely.

I have around 20 days left to finish 6 months and complete the whole course of treatment.

What shocks me are the amazing reviews and the amazing things people say about accutane, I am very scared.

I know they say it will get better all of a sudden, but why isn't it getting better? 20days left only :(

Please share with me your feedback, and whoever has had a similar experience, as well as solutions! Should i change my doc? Is my dose too high? do you actually decrease your dose on the last month, is that how it should be?

Help :(:(:(:( Thanks Guys

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I wouldn't expect a miracle in the next 20 days. Your dosage was never very high and it looks like your dermatologist didn't see the need to really up the dose. Haven't really heard of people cutting the dose in the last month.

Just wear a lot of makeup and nobody will notice.

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we need to know your weight in order to determine whether or not your dosage was low, but I would guess that your dosage is not too high. Many people lower their dose on the last month, but I don't think that would do much. Many, if not most, people do not clear until the end of their course and most people report experiencing the best results after they finish. You noted an improvement recently, and imo this improvement will continue b/c, at least in my experience, after a certain point you stop breaking out and your face just keeps improving. I think this might be the point where you're at - gl

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I can't say whether you will see any amazing improvements or not, but try to stop stressing about it (which I know is waaaaaaaay easier said than done) because that's just going to make it worse. And remember, even if your face isn't looking perfect I guarantee nobody is going to notice as much as you

it's your wedding day, you're you going to be absolutely GLOWING with beauty, no matter if you have the best or worst skin in the world!

good luck, and congrats!

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