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Just went to the dermatologist and he said...

I just went to the dermatologist to see what was causing my red marks and forehead acne. I told him I like using organic, natural products. After I told him I use Tea Tree Oil he said that I should stop using it because I shouldn't be adding oil to my face.

The reason I bought tea tree oil in the first place was because people on the boards said it was great for the face and that it is a misconception to not 'add' oil to your face to clear acne. I know I shouldn't just blindly take advice from posters here, but I did my own research and found that result too.

He ended up prescribing me to some morning and night capsules named Myocyclinal or something along those lines (hard to read his writing) and Epiduo (which I noticed had benzoyl peroxide...) to use as a spot treatment 30 min before bed.

Is my dermatologist wrong about the tea tree oil? Are those good products for my forehead acne and red marks? I'm just confused!

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I've found TTO to be beneficial to acne, however it is also quite irritating if used in high dosages. While there are people who have no problems using it undiluted, most websites conclude that it should be diluted in a carrier oil before being applied to the skin, preferably in a percentage of five or under. TTO also, as far as I know, will not fade red marks. I suggest using Rosehip Seed Oil for scarring and marks. However, it all comes down to what works for you. What your dermatologist has prescribed may be very helpful to you.

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