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Hey girls.

I'm on yasmin bcp and even though I get to control my own period (i.e. stopping for 7 days) my skin still seems to get worse around my period...is it the same for you?

Then about mid-cycle, it calms down alot...tempted to change to dianette, any help. advice or experience would be great

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My doc said it was ok to skip my period sometimes so to avoid breakouts I'd keep taking the pill untill I had finished 3 packs and then I would have my 7 day break. I had no side effects from doing this except a little spot bleeding which I preferred to acne. x

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Hey, I know this is a girls only thread, but it's related to your dramatic hormone change. Truth is, you can't heal it. It has to heal it's self over time as you grow older. BUT, you can treat it, just like everyone else. Here is an article talking about a natural organic product Apple Cider Vinegar Organic. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

Take a look, and go try it. It's about 4.85 at Kroger or whatever store is near you. Apply it twice daily to the entire skin. Once in the morning, and once before bed. Just be sure to wash your face off if you are going to do something that involves sweating, it can leave a horrid odor, only when you sweat. It also smells right when you apply it, but dont worry once it drys no one knows you have it on. It works wonders, I promise. Just give it a try and let me know what happens. You may also want to dilute it the first couple of times you try using it, add a little bit of water to a cotton ball then add the ACV to the cotton ball. Be sure to tap your face with the cotton ball, don't rub it. I'm making a detailed thread later on my process and how it's proven that this method works! Hope this helps, read the article i linked!

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