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Can someone with actual knowledge/experience educate me a little? There is so much conflicting information about zinc out there that it's very difficult to make any conclusions. I want to take it, but do not want to take too much. I suffer from mild breakouts, but I also suffer from male-pattern baldness/hair loss . I know too much zinc can be damaging ie raising testosterone and then possibly DHT. Also, it's not supposed to be taken with calcium?

So what is a good dosage? Best type? When to take it? Is it better to take a higher amount every other day or every two days vs a lower amount each day? And what about a lot of those supplements that have the copper with the zinc? Are those beneficial?

Thanks for any help / advice.

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Well, i've done a good amount of research on my own, and experimented with it on my own

DO not take over 100mg a day, that could be very bad. Id say 60 a day is best (30 in the morning, 30 at night to spread it out).

Iron, Calcium or Copper block absorption. I think 40% of the zinc is absorbed. 60 mg is double the reccomended does, so i'm sure you'd be getting enough either way.

Opti-zinc (or zinc monomethionine) is most recommended for acne

Do not take a supplement with copper and zinc, it will be a lot less effective

There is a lot of info about zinc floating around these boards

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It's hard to say how much you're really getting, but definitely not all of it.

I take 50mg a day, and when my skin is looking worse, I take 50 morning and 50 night, but I only do that for a day at a time.

50mg a day has really really helped my skin.

Unless you're taking way too much of it, zinc will definitely not make you lose hair but will rather help hair growth and the quality of your hair and skin.

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andrewharv -

The only reason I was bringing up hairloss is because zinc is known to increase testosterone which could be potentially damaging to follicles that are prone to DHT.

Do you also take copper? I've read that zinc depletes copper. Also, how long were you on 50 mg before you noticed any skin difference?

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I know zinc has those effects, but 50mg is not enough to do anything harmful to your hair.

It only took a few days before I felt like my skin was less inflamed, but I imagine in reality it takes a few weeks for effects to really occur.

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