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What product do you recommend for spot treating?

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I don't get very much acne anymore but when I do it's usually sporadic. So I was wondering what is a good spot treatment for whiteheads.

I've been using BP and SA for over 10 years now I think they've lost all effects. What would you guys recommend?




Tea tree oil,

Retin-A Micro,

Other then that give me some suggestions please thanks.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Organic is perfect for spot treatment and over all treatment for any type of acne. It's also healthy to apply it to your skin daily any way because it fights off the toxins under your skin that causes blemishes and un balanced PH levels. Apple Cider is definitely the bomb!

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Queen helene's mint julep mask is actually a pretty good spot treatment. It contains clay to draw out impurities, sulfur to kill bacteria, and it also contains zinc oxide, which we all know is good for acne.

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Dan's AHA seems to help it down half of the time, the other half it becomes an even larger white head.

Try cooling it down with some ice, firmly put it on the pimple for a few seconds.

Put a light dab of BP and then some AHA over it.

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