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nasal ice pick scarring

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:wall: Can anyone please help me? I am a 33 year old female. I was diagnosed with pcos @ age 29..since I have formed an ice pick scar on my nose just a little to the left of the front of my nose...It was noticeable and I could fill it in with makeup & cover with makeup powder which would hide it 90%. That wasnt enough for me though I went to a plastic surgeon who cut out the scar and sutured it together. Now, makeup wont hide it..i not only have an ice pick scar but a depression as well...nothing will fill it or cover it...I have thus become very upset and afraid to let anyone face me to talk even....I need help in finding a Doctor wherever in this universe that can help me. A couple of Doctors in the Columbus,Ohio area wont touch it...they say it can become worse. I know there is something out there. Anyone know the best Doctors for ice pick scars?Anyone else have ice pick scarring on their nose? any luck with treatments? Please anyone??

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I too have a number of ice pick scars on my nose, and I went as far as to have a plastic surgeon cut it out, but only to have the scar open again. I essentially ended up with a small hole on my nose. Over the years, I accumulated many more ice picks on my nose as my nose is very oily.

Started to visit this board and was inspired to do something about these scars that had bother me these many years. Did 4 smoothbeam this year which greatly help to control the excess oilliness of my nose. Then, I did two TCA Cross (100% TCA Solution) spaced six weeks apart on my nose by a doctor. The five large ice picks have improved greatly, 30 - 40%. One ice pick completely sealed itself, and is level with the surrounding skin. The other treated ice picks have become smaller and changed shape. I can see a leveling out of the skin at the bottom of the remaing scars. After reading some many TCA experience, I will decided to wait longer - eight weeks before my next TCA Cross as it appears that the skin requires more time to build itself up. Since the procedure is so simply to do, I plan to buy 50% TCA and do the remaining scars by myself. I am a fully grown adult and technicaly very compentent. If you are not super sure of what to do, I urge you to find a doctor to do it. My doctor did both TCA Cross procedure for $140. Good luck.

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