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Doxy and retin-a???

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Hello guys,

Ive had moderate acne ever since i was 14, now Iam 25. About 2 months ago I broke out like crazy out of no where, went to the dermatologist and now iam on 100 mg of Doxycycline and retin A. I was expecting a purged period with crazy amounts of pimples with dry skin. However, it has been a week and no new pimples at all, and my skin isnt even dry. Does this mean that it is not working? I plan on continuing to use this till my next appt. in 3 weeks. My face right now has more redmarks left over from all the cystic acne a month ago. I plan on starting to drink ACV. My husbands graduates from Officer Candidate School frm the army, and I was hoping to be clear by April 8. Any advice or comments will be great!!!

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I took Doxy (Doryx) for about 3-4 months along with Tazorac 1% cream and Benzaclin. I used Retin-A like a year ago until that didn't work anymore.

Uhmmm....I do think I had an initial break out from the Doryx. Actually I do remember becuase I complained to my derm about it. i told him it wasn't working and he said that it is the medicine bringing everything out. I didn't get dry on it, however. And the breakout didn't come until about 3 weeks after I started it. Sorry to break the bad news to you but there's always hope that you may not have that intial breakout.

Check out my blog.

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