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Possible for accutane hairloss within a week?

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Hey there, I have a slight feelign this all may be in my head,

I suffer from OCD so things liek this are easily possible:

I have been noticing I catch a hari or 2 if I run my hand through my hair.

Is this normal? OR could it be Accutane is causing hair loss.

I have only been taking 30mg daily for about a week (8 days)


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I read an interesting article on hair loss which indicated it was normal to loose up to 100 hairs per day as part of the hairs natural regeneration path.

I am 9 days in and panicked when i noticed some hair on my pillow. I then realized i had never cared to check my pillow for hair before thus there was probably no markable change.

In the worst case scenario we're men. Hair thinning isnt as much of a problem as it can be for women with generally longer hair. Get a short cut and unless your going bald (which it would probably be best to see your doctor about) you will never really notice a difference in texture.

It can be helpful to have someone around you to check your hair (as weird as that sounds), just to get a second opinion on whether it actually looks different.

Good luck with your course anyway :D

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cheers mate yeah.

I know what you mean about never having checked before as well, which is why i think it may be all in my head. Also, I have a habit of running my hand through my hair, and I never thought to check before, so now whenever I find the odd hair comes out I freak out. I think quite a lot of the time side effects from Accutane are often imagined, simply becaus eof all the information surrounding the drug.

good luck to you as well.

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Definitely an ocd thing. I've been doing the same thing though, and I'm not at all OCD. Like you said, you're noticing something that you just never noticed before. I promise you'll know eventually if you are actually having significant hair loss.

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