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Accutane Log Day 1 2-17-10

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Hi All!

Wanted to start a post on accutane and black skin. Unfortunately, it's underrepresented, but that's ok...hopefully my posts will help someone. I've had acne since age 15 and have tried it all. I'm now 30 and said enough. I hate having to decide if I could go out with friends on a Friday if my skin was having a "good" day! And if one more person suggests proactive I just may have to proactively have to stick my foot up their $%@#!! I mean, seriously, if it worked don't you think I would've jumped on it???

Today is day 6 for me and I experienced today for the first time the peeling of the nose... :redface:

But nothing a little Aquaphor couldn't handle. I'm on 30mg of Claravis 2x a day.

So far biggest side effects seem to be peeling of the nose and sensitivity and redness to the face. Skin all over body still seems ok, but I moisturize right as I step out of the shower.

So far no initial breakouts, actually my skin looks better! :dance: BUT, I know how that goes.

I've always had extremely oily skin, I mean skin that you could fry french fries on, and oil is still here, especially on the forehead.

I will post before and after pics and let you guys be the judge. Again, I'm hoping to give others the hope that I desperately searched for for so long. Hoping that this is the answer to my prayers...

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