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Guest past_acne_gal

pronexin, acne complex, proactive, clinique on & on & on....

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Guest past_acne_gal

I just want to say I've tried all these products....and not just for a week or two. I gave them all at least 4-6 months to work. The problem is, is that most of these products contain either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which for those with insensitive skin, these products work fine. I've also been to a dermatologist and have tried tetracyline (and other antibiotics/meds) to treat it from the inside out. NO such luck.

what finally worked for me is coming up with my own regime.

1) I wash my face morning and night

2) I use a mild soap...such as dove for sensitive skin and a washcloth intended for baby's skin. they are much, much softer (usually come 3 to a pack - the cheaper variety).

3) I use witchhazel as an astringent/toner (it's cheaper and you'll find many "natural" products use this as an ingredient in their toners, as well as many brand name companies)....also, not drying to the skin like peroxide and salicylic acid

4) I use an exfoliant (gently) up to 3 - 4 times a week. The one I've been using for years is St Ives apricot scrub....discount stores sell non-brand name varieties which work just as well. I tend to avoid the "medicated" version....but, whichever works for you. If your skin is ultra-sensitive...you may not need the scrub due to the fact that you are using the baby wash cloth twice a day and, essentially, it has the same effect....removing dead skin cells which clog pores.

5) I alos use lotion on my face. I use the same kind of lotion I put on my body....but I always ensure it's for sensitive skin or says hypoallergenic on it. (Most baby lotions are like this ...they smell good and leave my skin feeling supple....but it's up to you)

6) I also drink up to a gallon of water a day....to include green or oolong tea. It's easy for me to reach this goal because I exercise on a daily basis. Water hydrates your body....essential for keeping your skin hydrated. the teas have antioxidant benefits.

7) I use a sunblock for sensitive skin EVERYDAY...winter, summer, fall....doesn't matter the season...always use it.

8) I do not touch/ rub/ pick at my skin...especially with unclean hands....and I keep my hair tied up/pony-tail at night to keep it out of my face.

9) I always break out a little more near my period...so I just take extra care and it clears up :)

I know there seems like a lot of steps but most people take a shower morning and night or at least one or the other so that's one of the washes taken care of! Give this a good honest try and see how it works!

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