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Hi there, I'm a 26 year old male with actually pretty good skin. Every now and then I get a pimple, but over time they go away. My skin can get kind of red at times which does annoy me. However, I'm reading more and more into the natural way to treat skin. I'm leaning towards treating my skin with vitamins, rather than buying over-the-counter products like neutrogena.

If I were to go to the vitamin store today (vitamin world), what would you recommend buying. I've read a lot of people saying Omega-3 Fatty Acid (Fish Oil), Vitamin B, and Vitamin A, Vitamin E are all important. WHat should I buy. I really am not trying to take 5 or 6 different pills just to keep my skin good. Is there anyway I can get away with just taking a couple? If not, what are the most important ones. The main things i'm trying to treat is to rid myself from redness (almost likea rash), and occasional oily skin which results in whiteheads.

Sorry to make the post long, my main question is, WHAT VITAMINS SHOULD I BUY!


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okay. im actually taking a daily vitamin that gives me 100% of my daily zinc value. I think it said B6 and B9 but none of B5. I'll have to go out and get a vitamin b5 supplement. Anything else anyone would recommend? I heard fish oil is good, should i get that?

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