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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock???

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Okay so I've searched these boards a couple of times, seeing what sunscreen people recommended the most and I found that many people recommend Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock in various SPF levels. This sunscreen also has a pretty good rating on makeupalley. com, especially among those with acne-prone skin. I went to CVS today to buy it, as I just started Retin-A and need a good sunscreen, but when I went to check the ingredients on the back, I saw avobenzone listed as one of the active ingredients. Pretty much any mention on this website of avobenzone is about how it causes break outs!

Has anyone tried this sunscreen and had good results, despite avobenzone being one of the main active ingredients???

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I have used this sunscreen for the longest time. I never got pimples caused from it. I think it works amazingly cause I never burn with it.

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yes, i use it nearly everyday whenever i go out. been using it since last summer in may/june. never broke out from it or anything. i highly recommend it. once applied, the skin absorbs it pretty fast, and it doesn't have a scent, really.

if you're afraid of the avobenzone, then do this: take a bit of the sunscreen and apply it say somewhere along your jawline or a place you wouldn't really care getting acne in. do this for a few days and if u dont break out you probably won't break out in the future.

avobenzone can irritate some people's skins, like Dan's, but for a lot of people it doesn't.

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Thanks so much! I have been using it for the past couple of days, and things seemed fine until I started breaking out a little, although I'm 99% that's because I fell asleep with my makeup on the night before :doh:

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Neutrogena has a great sunblock, but im gonna guess that your skin will become sensitive to it (aveobenzene) over time since you are using the retanoids.

May I suggest to try EUCERIN "Sensitive Skin" Every Day Protection SPF 30


The reason being is that it has the new "microfine" zinc oxide and titanium dioxide with NO aveobenzene. It doesnt look as "white" and pasty like other zinc formulas. Also this formula is nice and light, you only need a little. And TAAA-DAAAA its not expensive.

I also like the bottle with the pump-feature, makes it easier to dole out small amounts and doesnt waste your product.

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I actually bought Eucerin Sensitive Skin Every Day Protection SPF 30 but it didn't provide the flake control like my Cerave moisturizer does :( So until I find a lotion that is as good as Cerave, I have to find a good, fairly inexpensive sunscreen.

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